3 Simple Exercises You Can Do to Attain a More Defined Jawline

If you were previously skinny but have started to gain weight, you may start to notice that the clearly defined chin in your photos is now replaced with a more blurry line where the face ends and the neck begins.

This is known as the double chin, and while it can be disheartening at first, knowing what causes the double chin will let you know what you can do to improve it.

Why the Double Chin?

The double chin is simply a layer of fat deposit around your neck, and can become more noticeable as you gain more weight. Aside from fat, other factors can also be responsible for causing a double chin, such as excess water and aging.

While it’s harmless on its own, a double chin can be unflattering to look at if you’re trying to get into shape to get the body you want.

Here are a few exercises you can start doing to bring back your jawline:

1. Neck Rolls

Move your chin to your right shoulder and slowly move it from the center to the left. Repeat fifteen times until you start to feel a tension between your neck and chin. Be sure to keep a straight back during this exercise.

2. Sky Pouting

While keeping your back and your spine straight, tilt back your head until you’re looking at the sky. Pout and hold for five seconds before releasing, and then repeat this exercise ten to fifteen times.

3. Platysma Workout

The platysma muscle connects from your jawline to your shoulder and can easily expand in size. It’s also the muscle that should be used best when it comes to attaining a more clearly defined jawline.

To exercise this muscle, start by opening your mouth as if you were yawning. Next, cover your bottom teeth using your bottom lip and proceed to open and close your mouth this way for fifteen repetitions.

What You Need to Know About Long-Term Prevention

Keeping a clearly defined jawline can take some work, but there are daily habits that you can start doing to get rid of the double chin, such as proper diet and exercise to burn through fat deposits in your body.

Additionally, you can also add up to your current intake of vitamin E, a type of antioxidant helps to retain skin elasticity and prevent sagging by bonding with free radicals in the body. Vitamin E can easily be found in a lot of fruits and nuts, as well as olive oil and dairy products.

Non-sugar chewing gum can also give your jaw the exercise to keep it in shape, and works well especially if you feel the need to be constantly munching on something.

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