4 Ways to Avoid Freaking Out During a Turbulence


When flying outside Singapore, it is normal to be anxious especially if there is a slight jolt but this should not keep you from flying or traveling in general. Flying should be a wonderful experience minus the presence of turbulence. Fliers are always nervous when there is turbulence. That is purely understandable but being anxious the whole travel time is just not practical.


If turbulence scares you a lot, you just need some strategies to calm yourself. Always think that it is not as bad as you picture it to be. When you experience turbulence, just think of it as a hump. In this case, the only difference is that you do not know when the next hump is since you cannot see it. For people who easily freak out even with just a little jolt, riding a plane can be a traumatic experience.

It is always up to you to calm your nerves and not freak out. Here are some tips on calming your nerves when encountering turbulence:

  1. Assure yourself that you are not going to crash. Remember that airplanes are created and designed to withstand even the harshest condition. It will not simply crash because of numerous bumps. You haven’t heard of a plane crashed because of the turbulence, right? Always keep in mind that planes are built to remain in the air.


  1. Fasten seatbelts. You may think that seatbelts are irrelevant therefore you ignore it. The only thing that you can do to keep safe when flying is to fasten your seatbelt all the time (or at least during the fasten seatbelt sign is indicated) and not walk or stand when there is turbulence. This is for your self-protection because you may hurt yourself.

Flying with airplane

  1. Have faith. You have to trust the skills and experiences of the pilots derived from many years of study and practice plus the modern airplanes. Turbulence cannot take down a plane however thunderstorms can especially if it is still near the ground. The good news is that pilots are taught to cruise around storms and in the case of modern technology, there exists radar detection that can help pilots navigate amidst the storm.


  1. Try to be busy with something (anything). It is not easy to do other things if you know something is wrong but it can make a difference at the end of the day. Your effort will not be for naught if you just do other things when you see thunderstorms or you feel the turbulence. There are many magazines inside the plane and if it is not enough, bring a book with you. Music can soothe your mind too.

Seated passengers in aeroplane cabin, rear view (multiple exposure)

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