4 ways to keep your bathroom clean

One important part of any household is the restroom. Its cleanliness makes it an important factor in the overall liveability of the house. If it isn’t tolerable, any house set up for approval of tenants or buyers is immediately disqualified. It just needs to be appealing, and more importantly, sanitary.

In our own homes, we go the extra mile just to keep our bathrooms squeaky clean as long as we can. We prolong its good and functional condition. But there are just some days when we find it difficult to maintain its fresh state.
So here are a few tips to help us keep our bathrooms clean:

1. Keep it just that – clean
For households with little kids, you might want to consider mopping the floors daily as the children could cause a raucous once in a few hours. They could leave mud prints and other marks from who knows where. So make sure to mop those floors daily. If you’re an empty nest family, you can forego this step to a weekly stint. When doing so, make sure to give extra attention to the floor around the toilet, toilet seat hinges and rim. As for the sink, keep it dry as often as you can. Get rid of stagnant water, toothpaste residue, spilled products and shed hair. Empty trash daily, and use disposable bags as lining in garbage bins.

2. Air the bathroom
After using, it’s a good move to air the bathroom by opening the door. This tip eases drying of the walls and floor, thus reducing the build up of unpleasant odors from mildew. It also wards off odors accumulated during use of the bathroom.

3. Set up mild scents
Mild scents are a good way to maintain the freshness of your bathroom. You might want to try putting up a basket of potpourri at one corner of the bath. Another scent could be achieved through preparing a mixture of rose petals, pine, spices and citrus peels in a container at one spot of the bathroom. Another option could be scented diffusers with fragrant essential oils. Long reeds basically absorb oil then release fragrance into the air.

4. Set up odor absorbers
If you want to just keep your bathroom neutral-smelling and clean, you can always set up odor absorbing stations inside. Prepare white vinegar or baking soda in a container and let it stand in a safe corner in the bathroom. If you don’t have access to both, you can also try activated carbon, and let it do its trick. Just follow the same procedure of preparation, you can also pick a container consistent with the interiors of your bathroom, and voila. You have an odor absorber that’s aesthetically functional.

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