4 Ways to Keep Your Car Smelling Clean

We all have that desire to keep our surroundings clean and pleasant to the nose. We do the extra mile in terms of washing and scrubbing, even doing it often to make sure no trace of dirt goes unnoticed. But sometimes you could only do so much, and cars go smelly at one point or another. Not only is this discouraging for people you welcome to your car, this also is unhealthy in the long run.

So to spare your ego of the bruise as well as your lungs of the unpleasant odor, here are a few tips to help you maintain the fresh smelling cleanliness your car deserves:

1. Avoid smoking in the car. This tip is literally good for the lungs. Not only does this help your car stay clean-smelling, it also helps keep your bronchioles healthy. Another harmful effect of smoking in the car is the higher chance of ruining your upholstery. It might damage the interior with the ash and heat it emits. So keep away from smoking inside your car. Or better yet, keep away from smoking altogether.

2. Keep windows closed. This tip not only wards off unpleasant odors from entering your car, it also seals in whatever cleanliness it has. It has a barrier for pollutants present in the environment. Mildew buildup from drops of liquid isn’t just smelly, it’s unhealthy too. So keep those windows up and you’re doing your car a favor.

3. Avoid littering. You might want to make sure those takeout boxes and bottles are out of the car by the end of the day. These smells can penetrate your car’s interior if they stay longer than necessary. Before parking your car for the night, place those trashes where they’re supposed to be. It only takes a few minutes to take the trash out, but it benefits your car much longer than that.

4. Use carriers for pets. If you’re one of those people who love to take their pets around with them, make sure not only are your pets happy, but your car as well. Keep them inside carriers so that their litters are tucked inside too. Pick those carriers with lips at the edges to ward off any spillage of urine or waste on the floor of your car.

These are only a few tips to help you get your car in excellent smelling condition for as long as it can. Cleanliness always works best when done in short intervals, but some low maintenance measures could also do wonders for your car. Keep it smelling clean and you’ll not only be a happy car owner, but a healthier one as well.

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