5 Fears of Girls During the Courtship Stage

You finally got the courage to court the girl you like, but soon after, you realized something: You opened yourself to the possibility of getting dumped. Contrary to what you’re thinking though, you’re not the only one who’s scared at this point – she is too. She’s also risking something here, which is why she’s considering everything that could possibly go wrong the moment she gives you the ‘answer’ you’ve been waiting for. Here, we share five of the not-so-secret fears of the ladies when it comes to the dreaded courtship stage.


  1. Fear of Being a Rebound. “When did your past relationship ended?” “How long were you together?” “Are you really sure that you want me?” If she bombarded you with questions similar with these, then that’s a clear sign that the girl you’re courting is scared of being a rebound – you using her as a way to forget your past relationship is pure nightmare for her.


  1. Fear of Not Being Able to Please Your Family and Friends. You’ve been with your ex for more than half a decade. Your family thought she was the girl you’re going to marry, and your friends loved her too. Now that you’ve decided to part ways, it’s not going to be easy for them to see you with a new girl – and the girl you’re courting is fully aware of that.


  1. Fear of a Sudden Change of Heart. Of course she fears that one day you’ll wake up realizing that you still love your ex, or she isn’t the type you’d really want to date – all of the sudden change of heart when finally she’s starting to fall for you.

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  1. Fear of Being Cheated On. This is a common fear among ladies, especially for girls who are experiencing courtship for the very first time. She doesn’t have any assurance if you’re really dating her exclusively, and she doesn’t trust you enough yet when you tell her that she’s the only one in your heart. So work on her trust department and earn some trust points.


  1. Fear of Inconsistency. Most women believe that the moment guys get what they want from you, they’ll stop exerting effort – like how the time and attention you give her will all change once you become a couple. Hence, they’ll try to extend the courtship period to see if you’re patient enough as well as to test your consistency.

Getting dumped sure is scary for any guy, but do understand that you’re not the only one who’s scared at this point of your relationship. She also has her own fears, and the only way to erase all that is to show her what she really means to you.

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