5 Important Lessons Breakups Teach Us

Break-ups are bitter chapters in our lives that shape us emotionally and mentally. Sure, they can make us feel like our world has shattered into pieces, but breakups also give us an opportunity to learn important lessons that will definitely last for a lifetime.


  1. Tears Don’t Mean a Thing. How long are you planning to cry over a breakup? More so, why waste your energy crying over a guy who didn’t really care that much? You may not immediately understand this after the separation, but after several months, you sure will. Also, crying your heart out won’t result in anything positive anyway. So wipe those tears off, put a brave face on, and get back to the life you used to have before your past love came.


  1. Trust Should Never Be Blindly Given to Anyone. Sometimes it’s the people that we love the most who stab us hard in the back. After experiencing a breakup, you learn to keep healthy distance from people and become more careful about trusting people. You start relying on yourself more and depending less on others in keeping yourself happy.


  1. Each Cloud has a Silver Lining. Nothing lasts forever, and the same thing goes for the pain and bitterness you’re feeling after a break-up. The post-breakup phase may feel like a never-ending agony at first, but like anything else it too shall pass. Everything will fall back into places like how they used to be. To make things a little bit easier, just think of this phase as a long, bad hangover.


  1. Handle Your Next Relationship Better. If there’s one good thing about having a bad relationship in the past, it’d be learning how to handle your next relationship a lot better. Now, you become more aware and focused on what you want your next relationship to be, while letting your soon-to-be-partner have the time and space he/she deserve to have.


  1. Your Family is Always There for You. In life, you get to choose your friends, but not your family. More than your friends, your family is always there ready to support and comfort you. This is one of the best things breakups do; it teaches you the importance of family and reminds you what unconditional love truly is about.

For many of us, break-ups can cause the most devastating feelings in the world. However, this bitter chapter of our lives is what helps us become a better version of ourselves. So rather than seeing only the negatives of breakups, try looking at it as a chance to improve yourself and appreciate the things around you even more.


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