5 Tattoo Designs for Globetrotters and Travelers

Tattoos generally remain with you for the rest of your life. For better or for worse, you will require extensive surgery just to get rid of them at some point. With this in mind, it is important to choose a design which you treasure by heart.

To many travelers, for one, having a travel-inspired tattoo is one way for them to rekindle all their adventures for many years to come. From tattoo designs such as planes, maps, globes, or even foreign words – there is a long list of options to choose from to feed one’s wanderlust!

Passport stamps
These designs can be scanned directly from your passport (should you not choose to customize it) hence it can bear testament to your precious travels! Think of it as carrying the memories and adventure you had with you around everywhere you go. This is one good travel-inspired design if you want to add a sense of personal touch to your tattoo.

Map and compass
What better symbols to signify your love of traveling, right? You can even add on some minor details like a tiny world map in the background or add travel-inspired quotes to make it a masterpiece. Don’t be afraid to get creative. Work with your tattoo artist and pitch in some of your ideas.

This is as wanderlust as it can get. Getting little planes as a tattoo design is one foolproof way to manifest your wandering ways to the world. Not to mention, they signify going beyond borders and flying above – so in case you feel stuck and need some motivation, just look at your little airplane tattoo and take a deep breath. That too will pass!

Palm trees
If you want to immortalize the memories of you dipping your toes in the seashore and lounging by the beach, then go with tiny palm trees. This is the perfect design once summer is nearing to a close. No matter what season, you will always be brought back to the sweet summer days every time you see your tattoo.

As a globetrotter, a globe tattoo design is probably one of the most perfect designs to get if you ever aspire to get inked. This showcases the many countries you’ve visited, and the other countries you are to visit in the near future! A globe is also one classy design. You can never go wrong with having a tiny globe on your back, or even on your ankle – so you can have the world at your feet.

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