5 Travel Companions You Should Avoid

Holiday trips and vacations are supposed to be breaks from stress. It should be a chance to escape reality and an opportunity to create fun memories. Make the most out of that chance to break free for a while and ensure you tag along the right people for the most unforgettable trip of your life. Choose your companions well and avoid these people for a stress-free vacation.

  1. The Latecomer

Every tour guide’s number one enemy, this traveler probably has her own body clock set in a different time zone. No matter how early the call time is, she always asks for 10 more minutes—which is honestly still runs almost an hour—because she’s hadn’t had her coffee yet, changed her outfit or *insert lame excuse here*.

  • The Borrower

So, you have been unknowingly tasked to pay for other person’s vacation expenses because: a) she doesn’t have enough cash; b) she left her wallet at the hotel; c) she does not have change or d) all of the above. Expect that one friend of yours to be the last person to pick up her wallet for the bill. Make sure to keep those receipts, since she’s the one who takes forever to pay.

  • The Unadventurous Soul

It’s okay to have everything planned out, but a little spontaneity won’t hurt and will even bring more fun. We’re not talking about extremes, like snake petting or sky diving, anyway. Spur of the moments are normal on holidays, and if these opportunities are constantly getting avoided, the group would end up losing that precious moment and chance. Hence, accommodating your buddy’s constant unwillingness to try new things can be exhausting, not just for you but for everyone if you’re travelling with a group.

  • The “I Miss My boyfriend/Girlfriend” Companion

In today’s generation, we are often caught up on our gadgets doing all sorts of stuff—Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. However, travelling with people who is always on their phone with their beau can be annoying. So, if you have that friend who you often find with her phone on her hand, then know that she isn’t a fun travel buddy to have.  

  • The Scatter Queen

Loose change, purchases, receipts and dirty clothes everywhere. You feel like you have to be a good parent when you tag this person along—cleaning up her mess and lending her essentials because she forgot to bring hers. Do not even rely on her to take charge of the group’s pot money or booking entrance tickets to places, because she’ll surely forget.

The destination is just half the fun of a vacation; going with the right companion is what truly makes the trip memorable. Now that you know who you shouldn’t travel with, it should be easier to pinpoint the ones worth inviting for your next holiday.

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