5 Unconventional Honeymoon Ideas

Not interested in having your honeymoon outside Singapore? Don’t worry, we hear you. Traditional honeymoons are not for everyone. From the crowded hotel pools to the overpriced margaritas, we understand that most of today’s couples are looking for post-wedding travels that are a little unconventional. So ditch the usual honeymoon concept and try any of these offbeat ideas instead.


  1. Enjoy a Staycation

You don’t really have to go someplace else to have a fun and memorable honeymoon. In fact, the tradition of going on a honeymoon vacation is quite a new idea. In the 19th century, a honeymoon only involved staying home together for a month so you’ll know each other physically. Just think of how blissful it will be to take a month off work, detach from the world and just focus on your time together with your significant other. You might not be wowing your family and friends with photos of some exotic place, but they’ll definitely be envious of your escape from the rat race.

  1. Go on a Road Trip

Instead of being stuck in the plane for eight to 30 hours, rent a luxury car and go to places you’ve always wanted to visit together. You can even keep your food costs down by packing your own snacks and meals – but wouldn’t also hurt to enjoy some of the local delicacies of your destination.

  1. Visit Fairs, Festivals and Other Special Events

Every country, state and city has fairs, festivals and special events, so find one that you and your wife are interested in. If you time your wedding right, your honeymoon could end up being a trip to one of these festivals: the Renaissance Fair, the Mardi Gras or the New Year’s Eve in the Times Square. So be sure to plan your honeymoon at the right time and in the right place to get endless possibilities.


  1. Sign Up for a Volunteer Honeymoon

If you’re more of an adventurous pair, then take going on a ‘volunteer honeymoon’ into consideration. There are a lot of opportunities for you to give back during your post-wedding trips: You can volunteer at a day-care centre in Nepal, support a lion repopulation program in Zimbabwe or spend some time in the rural communities in the Philippines.

  1. Opt for Themed Retreats

There are weeklong retreats all over the world that you can attend to fully immerse yourselves as a couple in a hobby that you’re both passionate about. You can go and have a yoga or meditation retreat, visit a ranch or a vineyard, go on a backpacking adventure or whatever you’re both into.

Honeymoon is the great time to really get to know your significant other. So make the most out of it by going on any of these unconventional ideas instead of just flying and lounging on expensive hotels on the other side of the world.


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