7 Smart Tips for Beginner Hikers

First time to go hiking? Worry not. We’re here to help you pack and go. Here’s a list of seven useful tips that will help you kickstart your new outdoor adventure.

1. Have Enough Hydration
It is important that you don’t feel parched during a hike. However, water weighs a ton! For a day hike, half a liter of water and a few cups of fruit jellies you can find in the supermarket should be enough to keep you hydrated. You can also ask ahead of time if you’ll come across water refill spots.

2. Waterproof Everything
Even though the weather forecast doesn’t say it’s going to rain on the day of your trip, you will never know what you’ll come across during the hike. Expect that you’ll get soaked at some point, so better pack your things in Ziplocs and waterproof bags before getting into the woods.

3. Wear Bright Colours
It may be tempting to wear black and gray, but it’s not the best option to keep yourself safe in case you go missing. Other than safety reasons, bright colours are cooler and more comfortable to wear, especially when going on a hike during the summer months.

4. Bring Something Easy to Munch On
The more food you pack, the harder it is for you to hike. Bringing something lightweight, easy to eat but filling like sandwiches and granola bars would be ideal. You are there for the adventure, anyway—not to host a buffet.

5. Check the Weather Forecast
Whether or not this is your first time to hike, be sure to check the weather forecast a day before AND on the day of the trip. You don’t want a heavy downpour while parading up and down a peak, right?

6. Keep it Light
The ultimate key to light packing is asking yourself this question: “Do I really need this?” As mentioned, you would want your backpack to be as light as possible. Unless you aim for #ootd photos and you’re buff enough to hike for hours with heavy loads, that’s totally fine. You do you, girl.

7. Invest In Good Footwear
If you don’t plan on hiking regularly, any rubber shoes will do. However, if you decide to pursue hiking and travelling, it would be ideal to invest in a good pair of trekking shoes. You will be surprised how convenient it is to walk, climb and hop through uneven and muddy surfaces in quality footwear. You don’t want accidental slips and slides, do you?

Above all, have fun in your new adventure. Go wander and savour the beauty of nature.

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