7 Things You Should Do If You’re Sitting at Your Desk 8 Hours a Day

With meetings, deadlines and overflowing email, sometimes work get a bit too taxing. Health experts have also proven how physically taxing it is, especially if your work requires you to be at your desk in front of the computer eight hours every day. To avoid backaches, eye problems, neck pain and other physical issues, make these seven adjustments part of your routine.

  1. Stay Hydrated

Drinking plenty of water is important for good health. But other than promoting better skin and weight loss, drinking more water forces you to get up from your chair to refill and to pee.

  • Perfect Your Set-Up

The placement of your computers monitor is very important for your eye health. If it’s placed in an angle where you have to look down, you could develop neck and back pain. If it is places where you have to gaze up, you might frequently experience dry eyes. Use a stand or even just a stock of books to position your monitor light, so that you are looking at it at around 10 degrees agle down. 

  • Take the Stairs

If your office is in the second or third floor of the building, try taking the stairs as often as you can. Similarly, if you drive yourself to work, park your car a bit farther away from the building. When you’re glued at your desk eight hours every day, every bit of walking helps in keeping your blood circulating and your muscles moving.

  • Stretch Out and Work Out

We’re not suggesting whipping out a dumbbell during your coffee break, but try inserting simple exercises like swivel chair ad exercises that requires no equipment and still keep your blood flowing. If an exercise is not possible, at least stretch out once in awhile. Stretch out your arms, legs and do some head rotations to release neck tension.

  • Go Big With Your Font Size

Once computer trick: Increase your computer’s font size. If texts are too small, you tend to squint, which is the number one reason of headaches and eye fatigue. Avoid stressing your eyes out by going big with your font size.

  • Blink More

Yes, we blink. But if you spend long hours staring at the computer screen, you should do it more. Make the extra effort to blink more often to avoid dry eyes. Once you get used to it, you won’t have to think about it eventually.

  • Give Your Eyes a Break

It’s tempting to go straight to Facebook or binge-watch your favorite Netflix series after work, but you should give your eyes a break after eight straight hours of staring the computer. Long hours of exposure to computers, TVs and phone screens can weaken your vision, causing Computer Vision Syndrome—a collective term for all eye disorders caused by computer exposure for extended period of time.

There’s no excuse to not taking care of your health. Even if you’re living a busy life, little ways like these makes a difference in keeping your body moving.

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