9 Substitutes for Regular Cow’s Milk

If you ask vegans about milk, they will be more than happy to tell you that our bodies are not made to digest animal milk. While it is true that a part of the population has intolerance for milk, most people do not have a problem with its consumption. If you are one of those who are lactose-intolerant, you can still enjoy milk products by looking for other alternatives.

Soy Milk – This is made from soy protein isolate or soybeans. While that might seem unappetizing, companies often add oils and thickeners to make them taste better. Most soy milk nowadays are not that different to cow’s milk when it comes to taste. It also contains the same amount of protein but has less fats, calories, and carbohydrates.

Rice Milk – This milk is made from brown rice and water or milled white rice and water. Companies add other ingredients to create a better flavor and texture. It is the safest type of milk for those with allergies and intolerance as soy, nuts, and gluten content should also be considered when looking for a substitute.

Cashew Milk – This milk is made from cashew butter and water or cashew nuts. The result is a nutty and creamy milk with less calories, fat, protein, and carbohydrates than cow’s milk. Look for an unsweetened cashew milk as a substitute if you need to reduce your sugar intake.

Macadamia Milk – It is made from macadamia nuts and water which results in creamy and smooth milk. It has less fat, calories, protein, and carbohydrates than cow’s milk.

Almond Milk – It is made from almond butter and water or whole almonds. Its light and nutty flavor makes it ideal for smoothies and other beverages as well as desserts. Look for an unsweetened almond milk product that contains fewer calories, protein, and carbohydrates than cow’s milk.

Coconut Milk – It’s a favorite in a lot of Asian desserts, so you’ll find no shortage of this in markets in Singapore. It contains less fat, carbohydrates, and protein than cow’s milk. Not only will you have a healthier choice, you will also help coconut farmers.

Hemp Milk – As the name suggests, the milk is made from the hemp plant seeds. It is interesting to note that the cannabis or marijuana drug is also taken from the same plant. Yes, you will experience the same effects that majiruana can give when you consume hemp seeds, but it is not as potent.

Oat Milk – Most oat milk are made from oats and water, but companies add other ingredients for flavor. It has a similar taste to cow’s milk and contains the same amount of calories, but only half the fat and protein. Moreover, it is high in fiber, especially soluble fiber.

Quinoa Milk – It is made from quinoa and water, which means it is high in protein but is gluten-free if you have gluten intolerance. It contains the same amount of carbohydrates but less calories, fat, and protein than cow’s milk.

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