Bill Gates Recovers His Being World’s Richest Man

Bill Gates now back to his track of being the world’s richest man in Forbes Magazine’s yearly ranking of wealthiest people. This list has also included number of women who made it to the top. After four years, Mr. Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft redeemed his position from having a US$76 billion net worth ousting Carlos Slim Helu, Mexico’s telecommunication tycoon having US$ 72 billion. Mr. Helu spotted second according to the latest update from Forbes.


On the other hand, the Spanish owner of Zara clothing brands, Mr. Armancio Ortega, made it to the third position with a net worth of US$64 billion. The one who leveled fourth is Mr. Gates’ partner, Warren Buffet having US$58.2 billion. The fifth man to be in the richest in the world is Larry Ellison, Oracle Corp chief which records a US$48 billion. Forbes magazine’s list has a total record of 1,645 billionaires having an overall of US$6.4 trillion undeductible worth compared to last year’s record of 1,426.


The Wallmart heritor Christy Walton made it to the ninth place being considered as the topping the rank of the richest woman having US$36.7 billion net. The next line in the list of richest woman is the owner of L’Oreal, Liliane Bettencourt from France with US$34.5 billion and ranked eleventh. The internet industry was also present in the listing. Founders of the popular website, Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin belonged to the 17th and 19th with US$32.3 billion and US$31.8 billion correspondingly.

On the other hand, the founder of, Jeff Bezos ranked in between Google’s founder having US$32 billion. The 29 yearold founder of the social media Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, was on top 21 with a net of US$28.5 billion. On the other hand, Forbes stated that the one who was under a great loss was Eike Batista, a Brazilian mogul from having a net of US$10.6 billion going down to US$300 million.



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