Brain Train: Top 5 Brain Training Mobile Applications

Brain training has never been more accessible and easier than it is today, where almost everything is available right at your fingertips. Thanks to the ever-evolving technology innovations, mobile apps for training our brains have been developed to improve our cognitive skills and give us better memory. So get your smartphones now and start downloading at least one of these top brain training apps.


  1. Lumosity. This popular brain training app is split into sessions under different categories, depending on what you want to work on: attention, flexibility of thinking, memory, processing speed and problem solving. Developers of Lumosity claims that using the app once a day can go a long way in honing your mental skills. They even claim that a single session per day is enough to do wonders in improving your mental ability.


  1. Personal Zen. Looking for an app that’ll help you achieve a Zen state? Personal Zen is for you. Developed by researchers from Hunter College and City University of New York, the app aids in reducing anxiety by training the brain to focus on the positive things in life and not on the negative aspects. Personal Zen is best used ten minutes per day, or before a stressful event takes place.


  1. Happify. Just by its name, Happify is an app that trains the brain to be happy by getting rid of all the negative thoughts. The app features polls, quizzes and a gratitude journal where you can jot down your happy thoughts or memories. Apart from that, Happify also has an active and positive community where life-changing lessons are shared to inspire and motivate everyone to smile everyday despite all the negative things that are happening.


  1. Eidetic. By using a strategy called spaced repetition, Eidetic helps its users in memorizing anything from facts to trivia’s of high importance. Unlike other apps, however, this app uses information that’s meaningful to the user like your bank account information, a memorable quote, your beau’s number, or your friend’s birthdate. Other than that, the app also has pop-up notifications to remind you when it’s time to test your brain again. Through this, users will be able to retain any information in their long-term memory.


  1. Relief Link. Relief Link was developed by Kaslow in an effort to prevent suicide attempts. The app includes relaxation exercises, relaxing music, unique coping methods and even voice-recorded mindfulness. The app even has a map locator that you can use to locate nearby support groups, therapists and mental health treatment facilities.

While these apps aren’t the ultimate solution in improving our brain’s abilities, they can still help us in reaching the goal to move past mediocrity. Most of these apps don’t even cost a single penny, so start taking advantage of them now and see how they can instantly boost your mental skills.


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