7 Best Local Ice Cream Joints in Singapore to Get Your Frozen Fix

Now that it’s summer time, everyone in Singapore is looking for a way to beat the heat before school days start again – from waterparks, to indoor playgrounds, to even backyard swimming pools – but one of the best ways to beat the heat is by simply chilling over ice cream.

Here are the some of the best local ice cream joints in Singapore that are definitely worth giving a try:

A Spoonful of Sugar
If you’re looking for ice cream and waffles, then head on over to A Spoonful of Sugar to enjoy both at the same time. Be sure to come hungry and chill out in their cozy environment while you watch them ‘cold fry’ their trademark chocolate combo customized just for you.

Holy Cow Creamery
Can’t get enough of waffles and ice cream? Holy Cow Creamery is sure to sate your hunger with plain and charcoal waffles, as well as classic ice cream flavors everyone is sure to love, such as cookies and cream and salted caramel (you should also keep an eye out for their salted caramel, which is definitely a notch or two above the rest).

Momolato’s specialty is their fruit sorbet popsicles that will have you coming back for more on a hot summer’s day – they’re also especially great if you’re looking to enjoy something that’s both sweet and healthy at the same time.

320 Below
And who could forget the company that pioneered nitrogen ice cream (ice cream frozen using nitrogen is completely safe and delicious)? 320 below doesn’t just make everything from scratch to make sure everything is fresh just for you, but they can also whip up a mean ice cream sandwich.

The Ice Cream and Cookie Co.
With more boutique dessert suppliers looking to sell their goods wholesale, you might want to keep an eye out for The Ice Cream and Cookie Co., which specializes in selling their original ice cream sandwich as well as a full range of artisanal desserts you’re sure to know and love.

Milk & Honey Gelato
With outlets located both east and west of Singapore, Milk & Honey Gelato is a specialty ice cream joint that’s part of the booming café craze, and specializes in handmade gelato and waffles, along with a varied selection of plated desserts, salads, and sandwiches for you to choose from.

Birds of Paradise
Birds of Paradise is a place you should definitely try if you have a knack for ice cream with unique Oriental flavors, from spiced pear and vanilla fig to strawberry basil and even pandan, and their crispy thyme as well for the full ice cream experience.

5 Places for a Quick Ice Cream Fix  

In this sunny island of ours, everyday is always a great time for an icy treat. And even after the sun sets, ice cream is a staple to our after-dinner routine. Wondering where to go to satiate cold, sweet craving? Here are Singapore’s best ice cream parlours to check out. Woman-eating-ice-cream-cone

  1. Momolato

Momolato, short for “more more gelato,” satisfies ice cream junkies with healthier ice cream options. The ice celebrex uses cream parlour serves http://lipitorgeneric-online247.com/zocor-cholesterol-meds.html 10 homemade popsicles and 16 gourmet gelato flavours—all free from preservatives and artificial flavourings. Address: 90 Stamford Road, #01-73 Singapore Management University School of Economics & Social Sciences, Singapore 178903

  1. Holy Cow Creamery

Popular among residents in the north, this cafe offers delightful homemade ice cream. Starting from $2.90 per scoop, you get to taste some of crowd favourites like Miss Saigon, Mr. Potato Head, and Honeycomb. While ice cream here can be served in cones, you have yours served in bread for a unique pairing of flavour and texture. Address: Block 292 Yishun Street 22, #01-291, Singapore 760292 32d259ffd049c680ff01111823_original-

  1. Fanny Ice Cream

One of Vietnam’s most hyped ice cream chains, Fanny also offers its innovative Asian ice cream flavours to its Singaporean patrons. Among its specialties are the Coffee Chocolate, which tastes and smells like authentic Vietnamese coffee; and Chili Chocolate, which boasts a rich, dark chocolate flavour with spicy aftertaste. Address: 99 East Coast Road, Singapore 428795

  1. Ice Cream Chefs

Serving sweet treats for eight solid years, the cafe managed to maintain its quality standard gourmet ice cream across all its outlets. What’s cool is that this cafe allows you to customize your own ice cream with different selections of mix-in and drizzles. Just be sure to never miss their bestsellers, including Oreos & Cream, Chocolate & Hershey, and Creme Brulee. Address: 12 Jalan Kuras, Singapore 577727

  1. Tom’s Palette

With every flavour made from scratch, Tom’s Palette has created interesting favours that are uncommon in most ice cream flavours. These flavours include Salted Egg Ice Cream, which tastes like salted egg bun, Granny’s Favourite, which is a unique mix of malt, cholocalte, and cookie dough, and Salted Caramel Cheesecake, which is lipitor reviews a cream cheese ice cream with beautiful swirls of salted caramel sauce. Address: 100 Beach Rd, Singapore 189702 It’s comforting to know how many ice cream shops there are to quench the thirst amidst the sweltering heat. These are just a few of the many parlous out there to satiate your craving for a cool, sweet indulgence. Toms-Palette-3

Top 3 Budget-Friendly Shopping Destinations in Singapore

According to a website survey, Singapore is in seventh place in the list of the 20 most expensive cities to live in the world. For Singaporeans, this is disconcerting to know especially if you are trying to make a living.


Because of this, we are determined to save up on expenses in any way. Luckily, when it comes to buying stuff we need and want, there are places where we can buy affordable clothes and other essential items without sacrificing its quality. Here are some top places to shop budget-friendly products in Singapore.

Mustafa Centre

The Mustafa Centre attracts different types of customers because of their wide array of different products sold at low prices. You can find anything from jewelry, household items, fashionable clothes, books and even groceries here. What makes it an even more amazing shopping destination is that it’s open 24 hours a day all year round.

Far East Plaza


If you’re a fashion aficionado looking for budget-friendly fashion items, then Far East Plaza may be the shopping venue for you. This budget shopping place sells hip and trendy fashion products depicting Korean, vintage and Hong Kong fashion. Most items range from $15 to $30. Beauty service shops like beauty salons, spas and tattooing services are also found in Far East Plaza.

Bugis Street

A home to more or less 600 shops, Bugis Street sells the latest fashionable items, from clothes, shoes, bags, and even accessories. There’s never a dull moment for fashionistas because products are most likely updated daily so you’ll never run out of items and new designs to purchase.


Unusual Laws Implemented in the Country

Is there something wrong with the government or the citizens living here? Actually, there’s nothing wrong about the citizens nor the implemented laws. It just all about good governance through prosperity. So, why the laws here are being implemented strictly?


First, it needs the decision of the majority or sometimes laws are being implemented because we are misbehaving. These are only few reasons why laws in the country are now in effect. Below are the crazy laws (for some) that are implemented strictly in the country. Young Woman Blowing a Bubble of Bubble Gum

  • Chewing Gum Law – We all know that this law was in effect since 2004. The law was implemented because there are so many gums stuck in almost every street in the city. Although the government can manage to clean all mess, it is still not enough because they are spending a huge amount of money daily. Thus, anyone who violates this law will be fined $500 or more depending on the offense committed.
  • Littering Law – In many countries around the world, anti-littering law is being implemented. However, here in Singapore, the law is very unique because when you throw something along the roads or perhaps other public places in the country, you better get ready with the big amount that you will going to pay. The fine ranges from $500-1000 plus a community service depending on the number of violations committed.

Here, we are really accountable for our mistakes. Laws are implemented strictly not because the government needs money but because people needs discipline. 1.1291043463.high-fines-for-littering-all-over-singapore

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