What DNA Can Uncover

It is said that Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) is the building blocks of life. While that is true, not all people know that DNA can uncover or reveal too much. There was a case in France where a 16 year-old high school student got rapped. The school summoned everyone present during the incident to submit to DNA testing so that the suspect may be apprehended.


 DNA can help a lot during investigations like this. Many criminal cases were solved because of the power of DNA testing. By merely testing your DNA, the investigators will know whether you are the suspect or not. You should know that some courts consider DNA testing or evidence conclusive. Here in Singapore, DNA testing is also used by investigators to uncover the truth.

Aside from criminal procedures, what more can DNA do? It can also uncover truths like:


  • Family: If you want to know about your family, you can use DNA to map other relatives. If you are seeking your biological parents, DNA will help you find them. You should be reminded though that you can map your family line or your biological parents if they already have a record in ancestry platforms or projects.  
  • Remains: In connection to deaths, DNA can help a lot. It can help identify the remains even if it was thousands of years ago (provided that they are kept in good condition). For example, Richard III (one of the famous kings of Britain) was identified because of DNA. In fact, the extraction of DNA also included remains of Neanderthals in the hopes of gaining insights.   
  • Future: DNA can help experts or specialists foresee the future. With DNA, specialists can identify if the unborn child will have Down Syndrome or Trisomy 21. Apart from that, through genetic testing, it can reveal the risk factors you may possibly encounter in the future.

DNA is very important. It can do so much. It holds all the secrets and mysteries in life. If you want to know about your family tree or the identification of remain, you should always go back to the DNA. It will help you uncover the mysteries that lie ahead.

If you want DNA testing, you should pursue it. There are many institutions here in Singapore that you can approach. For example, if you are worried about your unborn child having a condition, you should submit to tests. Getting your DNA is not hard and it is not painful. You can consider a saliva swab or you can get a blood extraction. Your hair will do.


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