Self-Discovery in Singapore

Singapore has been known to be one of the busiest countries in Asia but is it possible to find solace in a place deemed as way too career oriented? Friendship, purpose, love, and even self-discovery are questions not frequently asked when it comes to Singapore but this is why these questions need to be addressed. Being raised in Singapore means you are already used to the competitive lifestyle as perfection turns into the definition of success as the culture demands high grades and perfect performance from residents as young as five years old.

Tutorials have become a daily routine as people strive for that perfect GPA and overtime has become just another regular day at the office. Does Singapore seem like a place that kills your spirit? Well, think again! One of my favourite experiences in Singapore walking around slow placed doing the exact opposite of what most Singaporeans do. Most Singaporeans seem as if they want to get to where they’re going as soon as possible.

The most attractive word for most Singaporeans is “efficiency” which may be a dreadful word for the freethinkers of this world who like to grasp everything around them but do we really have to fear that specific word? Go to Singapore and take a look around as people are pouring their lives into the pursuit of success and although it may differ to self-discovery, it is actually the same thing as they are also chasing after something.

There are two major beliefs of life, existentialism and essentialism. Existentialism is the belief that we are born without purpose and though it may seem quite negative, it is actually a very comforting belief as it prompts us to create meaning of our own. You see, existentialism looks as life as a blank canvas and our actions as the paintbrush, existentialism teaches us the value of our actions. Essentialism on the other hand believes that the point of life is to find the meaning or calling of life which was already there for you from the start.

Why is knowing these two different beliefs important? Because they shape your perspective on Singapore. Are you planning to go to Singapore to find yourself or to build yourself? Imagine a busy crowd, would you strive to walk faster towards their direction or would you go against the flow and make your own path? Singapore is the land of opportunity. Now, once again, will you find yourself? Or will you build yourself.

Ways to Maximize the Use of Your Baby Bonus Cash Gift

According to different indexes, Singapore is the most expensive city in the world. Married couples believe this that is why they delay pregnancy and having children. It is their prerogative but the government is giving cash gifts for expecting parents. The cash gifts can go a long way if we utilize it properly.


The Singapore government is encouraging married couples to have babies. All married couples know about the scheme where the government will match the amount saved in Child Development Account (CDA) for up to S$6,000. Remember that this will be the case for our first two children. It does not end there because for children who were born after August 26, 2012, they will receive S$6,000 worth of cash gift.

We can utilize this by simply transferring the cash gift to CDA. When the account is set up, parents can waive baby expenses through the bank’s Baby Bonus NETS Card. The savings should be used for the child’s development needs as long as it is registered and approved by the Ministry of Social and Family Development.


The cash gifts are really a blessing. Here are some ways we can utilize the cash gifts:

Child care fees: We can use the cash gifts as payment for child care centres, kindergartens and early intervention programmes.

Merchant discounts: Many are not aware of the merchant discounts if we pay through the baby bonus card. For example, Neo Group is offering discount packages for the baby’s celebrations.

Higher interest rates: If we decide not to touch it, we can leave it be and expect higher interest rates. For example, OCBC offers at least 2% interest per annum for accounts with balance of more thanS$36,000.


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