Classical Novels You Should not Miss

There are people who love and collect books. They are called bibliophile. They spend all their time, effort and resources to find the best books, preserve and collect it. If you share the same passion, it is best to start collecting classical novels. Books are valuable more than anything because many things are invested on it – emotions, imagination and soul. Collecting books is easy if you are really serious about it. You only need to determine what books you want to collect. If there is no distinction, it will be easier to look for a book because any genre would do. If in this case you like classical novels, you are in for a lot of treats. There are thousand classical books out there. Just prepare your library. Here are famous classical novels that you should not miss: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn was written by Mark Twain in 1884. The novel is about the travels and quests of Huck and the slave Jim in Mississippi River. It talks about honour and justice.


Wuthering Heights Wuthering Heights was written by Emily Bronte in 1847. The novel is about the passionate love of Heathcliff and Catherine in Yorkshire moorland. It talks about fervour and revenge. Uncle Tom’s Cabin Uncle Tom’s Cabin was written by Harriet Beecher Stowe in 1852. The novel features public awareness specifically in the wickedness of slavery which ushered the Civil War. To Kill a Mockingbird To Kill a Mockingbird was written by Harper Lee in 1960. The novel features a child’s unruly introduction to prejudice and injustices at a small town in Alabama, year 1930. 21TCu54-HHL A Tale of Two Cities A Tale of Two Cities was written by Charles Dickens in 1859. The novel introduced Madame Defarge and Sidney Carton. The novel tells a story of London and Paris throughout the Reign of Terror. Pride and Prejudice Pride and Prejudice was written by Jane Austen in 1813. It is novel about the courtship of Darcy and Elizabeth. The book offers comedy as the couple overcome their shortcomings. Moby Dick Moby Dick was written by Herman Melville in 1851. The novel is about the obsession of Captain Ahab to conquer Moby Dick, the white whale. Lord of the Flies Lord of the Flies was written by William Golding in 1954. The novel tells a story of a group of schoolboys who were stranded in an island. They transform the community into savagery and development. The list goes on. The books mentioned above are only a small part of the whole number of classical novels. The books mentioned above are a good start for your collection. Good luck on your collections and happy reading!


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