Things to Consider Before Getting a Divorce

Here in Singapore, the Ministry of Social and Family Development is doing its best to save marriages. However, if it can’t be helped, the Ministry also helps lessening the pains of divorce. Before you move forward with your decision to divorce your partner, you have to settle many things first.


You can find an attorney first and seek advice. Here are some things that you need to consider before you divorce:

  • Determine your options: The first thing that you should do is consult your attorney but it comes with a price. Aside from that, there are other processes or paper works that need money. It will really cost you. The practical thing to do is seek a mediator and reach a compromise before everything gets uglier.
  • Know your partner’s income: It is important that you know your partner’s income. Whether you are seeking for spousal or child support, you need to know your partner’s earnings as well as his assets so you can calculate a reasonable or fair figure.
  • Learn about other holdings: You have to know every holding your family have. For instance, you have the house, the car, pension, checks, bank statements, life insurance and savings.


  • Learn how much it costs to run the whole household: This means that you need to calculate your utilities (like internet bill, electricity bill, water bill, cable, telephone).
  • Protect your properties: Anything that you acquired before your marriage, even the simplest things like your high school year book or your grandma’s earrings should be with you.
  • Think of the children: You secure everything for your children’s future. Accepting divorce is harder for them. You have to stay involved with them and explain everything to them.


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