Unusual Laws Implemented in the Country

Is there something wrong with the government or the citizens living here? Actually, there’s nothing wrong about the citizens nor the implemented laws. It just all about good governance through prosperity. So, why the laws here are being implemented strictly?


First, it needs the decision of the majority or sometimes laws are being implemented because we are misbehaving. These are only few reasons why laws in the country are now in effect. Below are the crazy laws (for some) that are implemented strictly in the country. Young Woman Blowing a Bubble of Bubble Gum

  • Chewing Gum Law – We all know that this law was in effect since 2004. The law was implemented because there are so many gums stuck in almost every street in the city. Although the government can manage to clean all mess, it is still not enough because they are spending a huge amount of money daily. Thus, anyone who violates this law will be fined $500 or more depending on the offense committed.
  • Littering Law – In many countries around the world, anti-littering law is being implemented. However, here in Singapore, the law is very unique because when you throw something along the roads or perhaps other public places in the country, you better get ready with the big amount that you will going to pay. The fine ranges from $500-1000 plus a community service depending on the number of violations committed.

Here, we are really accountable for our mistakes. Laws are implemented strictly not because the government needs money but because people needs discipline. 1.1291043463.high-fines-for-littering-all-over-singapore

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