Things Successful People Do Not Say

Success is a matter of mindset. It does not come automatically and it is not by luck. Being successful here in Singapore is a struggle but if you know what to do and what to think, success is not far. Instead of sulking there in your seat and wondering why you are not the boss, it is time that you know the things successful people do not say.


Here are some:

  • “I have no choice” – Successful people do not just accept things because they know that there is always another way or alternative regardless of the conditions.
  • “It’s not fair” – Successful people do not accept injustices. Things happen but instead of whining, successful people take actions immediately.
  • “I should have” – Should is a tone for regret or blame. Successful people do not point fingers instead they take responsibility and take actions.


  • “That’s impossibleSaying this is self-limiting. Successful people acknowledge that there are bumps along the road but it will not stop them. Successful people think of ways to move the barriers or find a way to go over or under it.
  • “That’s not my problem anymore” – Successful people go beyond their job. In fact, they spend time helping others succeed.
  • “I hate this company” – Do not hate your company because it helps you cultivate your skills and talent. Despite the environment, you have to stay positive and appreciate the company for what it is.

So, the next time you say these things, you have to remind yourself again that that is not the words successful people say. If you want to share these things to your fellow Singaporean, do so and inspire more.


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