9 Recommended Books for the Modern Reader


Many people despise the fact that books exist. They can’t stand the thought of reading a book from cover to cover. Well, here are nine wonderful books any reader today would be able to appreciate. In general, these books will help you overcome the fear of not finishing a book. Enjoy.


  1. To Kill a Mockingbird

This classis is often included in lists of the books you need to read before you die. The one and only greatest bestseller of all-time written by the genius of that generation- Harper Lee. Revealing an ecstatic genre in the art of writing this book is sure to give you goose bumps.  Its authenticity and originality shows its powerful façade that makes it worthwhile.

  1. The Hotel New Hampshire

The book readily empowers people that grief can be intimate that it becomes a frozen ground. It is magnificently written and constructed to make readers realize that to be the realist in a family of dreamers is inevitable. John Irving wrote it purposely to inculcate to many the amazing power this book can do to your life. In such a way that it plays a vital role in moulding each individual’s way of thinking and emotional status.

  1. Looking for Alaska

Heart throbbing as it may seem, this book gives you that vibe of freedom and sadness at the same time. A wild goose chase of love and finding one’s-self is the general theme shown by the writer. Although very recent, this book has garnered numerous awards that lands it on the must read list.

  1. Eat, Pray, Love

After a disastrous marriage a woman embarks on a journey across the world to find herself, probably everything. This is a book that will let you leap out of your seats in excitement and glee. Join in as Elizabeth redeems her spirit in the hopes of finding enlightenment and peace and in the end if she’s lucky- love. This 348-page book will intoxicate your afternoons and will leave you wanting for more.

  1. The Harry Potter Series

A tremendous hit is what critics can only describe it. This collection of spells, romance, and wizardry is definitely worth reading. The author J.K Rowling has surprisingly messed up with everyone’s thoughts with the twists and turns that could only be summarized into one word. EPIC. If you haven’t read this book, well we assure you, that you have missed half of your life. So have a break, get an HP book drink tea and let the sorcery kick in.


  1. The Alchemist

One of the many wonders that is, Paulo Coelho, this seemingly courageous author has put the book’s content and name in the best-selling stand. A guarantee from many that after reading this text, life would never be the same again. Be captivated by that promise, let your inner-self go loose in the story of this book. In the Alchemist, Paulo Coelho challenges everyone to read beyond the lines and see beyond the characters themselves.

  1. Coronado

The not-so-typical war story as it may seem, this book has brought multitudes to their turning points. Comprising of different plays and different stories of numerous characters, this book will definitely turn and churn your insides in mischief and wonder. Its twists and turns will make you want more. Let yourself be able to enter the lives of our modern day war heroes and their road to finding their true nature.

  1. Pride and Prejudice

This is indeed a literary classic. Its perfection is incomparable. It is not your typical love story, with its beautifully written context you could not ask for more. The success it gained is the reason why it was transformed to be a multi-million movie in the big screen. If this won’t make you fall in love with books then we don’t know what will. The only way to feed your hunger and anticipation is to fully indulge in the storyline. Enjoy the show.

  1. The Notebook

Rejected at first, breakthrough in the long run. Two different people colliding as one. The Notebook is a heart-warming tale of love and separation that ends perfectly. Reading it will make your heart and soul cry. Prepare to invest in a book that will make you believe that true love really does exist. And it does. Find out for yourself – read.


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