5 Essential Wedding Tips from Real Brides


You have probably heard the bridal advice of getting to bed early and leave everything to your planner on your wedding day, but what really are the specific tricks to pulling off a dream wedding?  Here are some been-there-done-that tips from our newlywed brides.

  1. Ban the Phones

It’s totally fine to ask your guests to avoid taking photos with their phones and other devices during the wedding ceremony. You spent a significant amount of money on a photographer, and the last thing you want to see are photos of your first kiss as wedded couple with hands holding up phones.

  1. Plan and Decide On Your Own

It is you and your fiance who are getting married, not your mom, your aunt or your fiance’s uncle. Whatever decision you will be making, listen to yourself and to your partner only and be firm with your choices. If you let other people do the decision-making, it may result to resentment later on. Also, as much as possible, minimize the stress. Stress is hard to hide on camera—you don’t want to look anxious and exhausted on your wedding photos.

  1. Fuel Up Before the Ceremony Starts

In the middle of excitement, you’ll hardly feel hungry. However, fuelling up before the wedding ceremony must be on your wedding day to-do list—up there next to your hair and make-up. After your hair and make-up is done, find something to eat to keep you full for longer hours. You may not have the chance to eat during the reception, so make sure to have a light meal before walking down the aisle.

  1. Always Go Pro

A friend may have offered a low-cost or free wedding service, such as flower arrangement, sound system, photography and videography. While it helps save money, it’s also big risk for this once-in-a-lifetime event.  If your budget allows, hire professionals for every service you need and make sure to be clear with the things you want and don’t want them to do.

  1. Tag Your Spouse Along

Greet your guests together when it’s time to roam around and socialize. During the reception, go table hopping as a couple instead of doing it separately. Many bridal couples split up to make sure they can say hello to every guest that they barely spend time being together in their own wedding.

Your wedding is meant to be a celebration of love and union. Regardless of your music, food or flowers, the result is still the same—you will be marrying the person you love the most. Let go and just have fun on this very special day of your life.

5 Unconventional Honeymoon Ideas

Not interested in having your honeymoon outside Singapore? Don’t worry, we hear you. Traditional honeymoons are not for everyone. From the crowded hotel pools to the overpriced margaritas, we understand that most of today’s couples are looking for post-wedding travels that are a little unconventional. So ditch the usual honeymoon concept and try any of these offbeat ideas instead.


  1. Enjoy a Staycation

You don’t really have to go someplace else to have a fun and memorable honeymoon. In fact, the tradition of going on a honeymoon vacation is quite a new idea. In the 19th century, a honeymoon only involved staying home together for a month so you’ll know each other physically. Just think of how blissful it will be to take a month off work, detach from the world and just focus on your time together with your significant other. You might not be wowing your family and friends with photos of some exotic place, but they’ll definitely be envious of your escape from the rat race.

  1. Go on a Road Trip

Instead of being stuck in the plane for eight to 30 hours, rent a luxury car and go to places you’ve always wanted to visit together. You can even keep your food costs down by packing your own snacks and meals – but wouldn’t also hurt to enjoy some of the local delicacies of your destination.

  1. Visit Fairs, Festivals and Other Special Events

Every country, state and city has fairs, festivals and special events, so find one that you and your wife are interested in. If you time your wedding right, your honeymoon could end up being a trip to one of these festivals: the Renaissance Fair, the Mardi Gras or the New Year’s Eve in the Times Square. So be sure to plan your honeymoon at the right time and in the right place to get endless possibilities.


  1. Sign Up for a Volunteer Honeymoon

If you’re more of an adventurous pair, then take going on a ‘volunteer honeymoon’ into consideration. There are a lot of opportunities for you to give back during your post-wedding trips: You can volunteer at a day-care centre in Nepal, support a lion repopulation program in Zimbabwe or spend some time in the rural communities in the Philippines.

  1. Opt for Themed Retreats

There are weeklong retreats all over the world that you can attend to fully immerse yourselves as a couple in a hobby that you’re both passionate about. You can go and have a yoga or meditation retreat, visit a ranch or a vineyard, go on a backpacking adventure or whatever you’re both into.

Honeymoon is the great time to really get to know your significant other. So make the most out of it by going on any of these unconventional ideas instead of just flying and lounging on expensive hotels on the other side of the world.


Tips in Storing Your Wedding Dress after Your Wedding

Although it took a couple of months to create or look for your ideal bridal gown, most wedding gowns are usually discarded and left hanging without care after the wedding day has passed. But if you’re one of those Singapore brides who’s planning to keep or sell their gown, then keep in mind that you should take care of the delicate cloths of your gown. To help you with that, here are some insider secrets that you can use to properly care and store your dream gown after your special day.

Bridesmaid helping bride with dressing in domestic room

1. Have it dry cleaned immediately.
Immediately cleaning your bridal boutique gown after your wedding day is important to keep it in its best form. If you leave it unattended for some time, the stains left on the dress will settle and will be more difficult to wash off. If you’re busy for your honeymoon, you can ask someone to drop off your gown to a cleaning station, or have the cleaners come and pick your gown before you leave. Ask your friends or simply search the Internet to look for the best dry cleaners in Singapore.

2. Wrap it properly and carefully. Perhaps the only way to store your wedding gown for a long time is to box it with some acid-free tissue papers. You’d want to keep your gown from anything that might stain it over time, which is why it’s suggested that you store it in a couple of acid-free tissue papers and box it to seal in the air. Alternatively, some of the bridal boutique couture brides in Singapore frame their wedding gowns and hang them on the wall inside a 3D shadow box.

If it’s impossible for you to box and store your gown prior to your honeymoon, then we suggest that you store it inside a 100 percent cotton garment bag, since plastic bags won’t allow garments to breathe. Also, make sure to hang it on a white padded silk-coated hanger instead of the wooden one.


3. Store your dress sensibly. Remember to store your bridal gown somewhere that isn’t humid or damp, and out of sunlight. If your garment is made of natural fabrics and you chose to hang it under the light in the studio for a long time then expect its colour to turn yellow as it is natural fibre. But if you choose a known bridal boutique like Whitelink in Singapore that makes good quality wedding dresses, they will teach you some tips in gown storage too. So store your boxed dress in the cupboard or under your bed, and make sure that it’s flat.

Other Wedding Gown Storage Tips:

• From the Shop. When you pick up your wedding gown from your bridal shop, make sure that you set it inside a long garment bag and lay it on the backseat of your car, or hook it on a handle on one window. It should then be hung in a high place so the creases will drop out and no more will be created.

• Up to the Wedding Day. When you already brought your gown home, avoid constantly trying it on or pulling it out of the bag just to show it to people. The more you expose wedding gowns set in liquid silk and other delicate fabrics, the greater the chance that it’ll gain oil marks, which will become worse over time.

• On the Actual Day. As you prepare for your special day, do keep in mind to not hang your gown in a fire sprinkler system on your hotel room’s ceiling, or it will end up setting off the sprinkler system leaving your room and gown flooded. Certainly, this is the kind of stress that you wouldn’t want to experience during your wedding day.


How You Should Care for Your Engagement Ring?

With the sentimental – and monetary – value of your engagement ring, the last thing you would ever want to do is chip it, nick it, or knock the stone loose from its band. Show your beloved how much you treasure his gift of love by making sure that the ring would last a lifetime. Here’s how you show your care for such a precious symbol of love.


Take It Off

It’s always a good idea to take off your ring when doing strenuous hand activities or activities involving water, such as swimming or dishwashing. Just remember to put the ring in a secure place – not on the windowsill or anywhere near the garbage bin. Since you must be constantly thinking that I took such pains to pick out a unique engagement rings for my fiancee in Singapore, If it’s a habit for you to take off your ring at home, store it in a jewelry box. If there’s someone at home that is not a member of your family, such as maids or a family driver, place your jewelry box in an unusual but memorable spot.

Clean It Often

Keep your engagement ring sparkly and brilliant at all times by removing skin oil, dirt and lotions, which could decrease its clarity and shine. You can simply soak your ring in lukewarm water with dishwashing liquid, and scrub it with a soft-bristled toothbrush. Another cleaning solution is to mix equal parts of cold water and ammonia, where you can soak your ring for 30 minutes.
Professional Maintenance

Professional ring maintenance must be done twice a year by your Singapore ring jeweler. Have the stone and prongs checked for necessary adjustments and to avoid dislodged stone. So, to save yourself from the panic and headache from losing such precious gem, consider visiting your trusted jeweler as often you visit your dentist.

An engagement ring is displayed at a jewellery store

Hide It

Though jewelries are meant to be worn, it’s still advisable to keep them out of sight when travelling or when doing everyday errands. If travelling, save yourself from the worries with hotel deposit boxes by keeping the precious ring at home. If it’s an opulent type of engagement or wedding ring, and find yourself in a neighborhood where such kind of jewelry could make you a target for robbers, bring the ring with your wherever you go and put it in a secure pocket, or rotate it so the stone faces your palm and the exposed part looks like a simple wedding band.

Insure the Ring

No matter how careful you are with your engagement ring and wedding ring, there’s always a chance that it can get lost or stolen. Ring insurance can reimburse you with the monetary value of the proposal ring, to save you from major financial loss. Most companies include the ring in the homeowner’s insurance, though you can always have it separately insured. Keep in mind that most jewelry insurance policies offered by Singapore jewelers require an independent appraisal and can only reimburse you with the amount that the appraiser declares as the value of the ring.


Wedding Website Planning Tools

Many Singapore wedding portals offer wedding website facility in order to provide engaged couples a place to organize wedding events. These wedding websites are equipped with many different tools that are essential in wedding planning. They are created specifically to make the planning process much easier and organize wedding events well before in advance.


If you and your fiancé feel a bit overwhelmed with all the tasks ahead of you, wedding planning tools are definitely going to give you great relief as it will take over the computations, arrangements, preparations, and many other more necessary wedding planning duties. Here’s a list of the most common planning tools that most wedding website offer.

Your Own Wedding Website

Congratulations! You’re now engaged. So, spread the good news to your friends, relatives, and the whole world. What else is the best way to reach friends from faraway places? Through the Internet, of course. Keep up with the generation of modern technology by creating your own wedding website from a trusted wedding forum in Singapore, Perfect Weddings. Post your engagement photos, your love story, your wedding planning details, gifts you would wish to receive, and share your journey through blogs and stories online.

Making your own personal wedding website has become a necessity in planning a wedding. It has made everything much easier because of the endless access to different weddings Singapore vendors featured in the website.

Venue Booking

By simply entering the date of your wedding day, you will see all the weddings Singapore venues available together with their wedding package rates. From there, you can choose which venue to hold your wedding and book right away. With the power of the Internet, you can easily place your reservation in the comfort of your own home. There’s no need for you to travel, hop from venues to venues, or make phone calls just to check venue availability and seek for best deals from different hotels and wedding locations. Through wedding websites’ online venue booking, you’ll find the best venues and deals that fit your preferences and budget.


Wedding Checklist

Begin the wedding planning with a comprehensive and easy-to-use wedding checklist. This tool is a common feature in most wedding websites. With all the fine points you have to prepare, the risk of forgetting something is always there. By using the wedding checklist tool of your wedding site, all important points are listed, keeping you organized and ensures that you have nothing to miss in the course of planning.

Many sites also offer a pre-made checklist but still allow you to customize the order and add or delete points according to your preference. You can always access your list anytime you wish to update or review.

Contact List

Forget word documents on your computer or pens and papers for storing contact names and numbers of everybody involved in your wedding. Stay organized. Place all contact details of your wedding planner, vendor, caterer, guests, and other important people in a single organized sheet. These are important details that should be kept safe all the time while letting you access it anytime, anywhere.


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