Causes of Fear

1.Incorrect Parental Habits This is for those parents who are overprotective to their children. Parents who don’t want their children to experience new things because of the fear that they may get hurt. lexapro is prescribed for They will develop self-centeredness and fearful of the “misfortune” that their parents are afraid will take place. fear-2 This is also for parents who dominate the lives of their children with anger and condemnation. They will be hesitant, insecure and fearful. If the children make a mistake, parents should be able to point it out without neglecting the good sides of their children. 2.Traumatic Experiences Just imagine a child that is a victim of sexual abuse. This can give negative sway on the child’s adult life. She will definitely have a trust and relationship issues. Likewise for those who are afraid to fall in love again because of the traumatic past experience with a boyfriend. Another one is when you got into an accident and you are the one driving the car. After you recover from it, you will resist celebrex weight gain yourself of driving a car anymore because of the fear of the same accident might happen again. fear-1 3.Pessimistic Outlook Of course, if a person thinks negatively, he or she will be very fearful about trying new things. Just saying you can’t do things means that you think that you are a failure already. Positivity brings success in life while negativity attracts failure. 4.Lack of Faith Fear will exist if you have no faith to God. God will only be the one who assures us from everything and if you doubted Him, you might end up very depressed and terrified. Faith can move mountains and fear brings trouble.

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