Coping with Difficult Bosses  


Working is stressful enough without bosses in the picture. If they are around, things seem to be hostile and hectic thereby inflicting more stress to ourselves and the people around us. Oh, how we wish bosses are not around all the time but this is impossible because that is their job.


Here in Singapore, there are terrible bosses and kind ones. We are lucky if we have kind ones but if we have terrible bosses, coming to work every day is like going to “hell”. If we value our job, we have to survive our difficult bosses and just concentrate on getting the job done no matter the circumstance.

We are not living in an ideal world so we should not expect fantastic bosses. What we can do is survive. Though thriving is difficult because of the environment, we have to at least try. Who knows we will be bosses someday. We know better how to act and encourage the people around us.

Here’s how to make the best of the situation and get our job done regardless of the boss:

  • We have to identify where the anger is coming from: Our bosses get angry all the time but we have to know if there is a reason behind his/her behaviour. If he/she acts angry all the time because of work-related issues, then we know that he/she is not essentially bad. If he/she acts angry all the time without any reason, then he/she is essentially bad.


  • We should not let it affect our work: We now know that our bosses have this attitude but we should not let it affect our work or productivity. No matter the circumstance, we want to stay in good terms with them if we want to keep our job. So, let them rant all they want and just execute.
  • We have to document everything: We have to document everything so when things go south, we can refer back. It helps if we bring small notebooks along with us especially if we will talk to our boss so we give them the chance to contradict themselves in the future. This is our way of covering and saving ourselves.
  • We have to know the importance of good timing: We have to understand that our bosses too suffer stress. If there are many things on his/her plate, we have to wait for the right time to discuss or confront the situation. If we bother him/her without thinking of the time, he/she will not take as kindly to our issues.

We just hope that our bosses change and be kinder not meaner. Whatever their management styles, it is crucial that we survive for our future.


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