Dengue Cases Continue to Rise in Singapore

Despite the efforts of the government to lessen if not eliminate dengue, it is still not enough. Reported dengue cases continue to rise here in Singapore. There are a total of eight hundred twenty dengue cases recorded at the end of June 8. This is so far the highest number to date. This is alarming. This called for NEA (National Environment Agency) and Environment and Water Resource’s immediate actions.


Last June 25, 2013, a press conference was given by the minister of Environment and Water Resources. Dr. Vivian Balakrishnan gave updates regarding the dengue situation in the country and discussed additional measures to fight the outbreak. Additional measures are in the form of:

  • Supplementary officers. NEA will employ another 300 officers to help the existing 850 officers in controlling vectors. The additional workforce will be able to double the inspection and surveillance of dengue clusters.
  • Release of new insecticide. NEA will request the permission from residents to use the new insecticide and spray it at the dark corners of the house.
  • Distribution of repellents to households and schools. From July to August this year, NEA will distribute repellents to households and schools. There is 1.2million pieces of mosquito repellent allotted for this.
  • More volunteers. The Dengue Prevention Volunteer Group will increase its members to help educate more than seven hundred thousand homes about dengue.
  • Media support. There are many informative videos posted in YouTube about dengue. The videos come in four main languages so the public, regardless of their ancestry can understand it.

NEA hopes to win the war against dengue. This can be achieved if the public continues to support their program and studies. Together, we can win the war against dengue.

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