Everything You Need to Know About Shampooing


For girls here in Singapore and around the world, hair is the crowning glory. Your hair will reflect how you take care of it and your body. Many agree that shampoos can make a difference at the end of the day. Now the question is, which one is best for you? You saw many shampoos being advertised claiming more effective than the others and you believed in one.

Then you hear other people say shampooing less is better for the hair. In fact, some ditch shampoos in the hope of a better and healthier looking hair. There is no clear answer as to the frequency of shampooing. At the end of the day, it will come down to your own preference. There is however a stylist that swears on going many days without shampooing and it is fine.

Before considering anything, it is important that you know things about shampooing then you can decide the frequency. Here are the things that you need to know about shampooing:

How it works

Why do you need to shampoo your hair? Well, for starters, shampoo has the capacity to trap the oil and if you apply it often, then you risk drying out your hair. If the hair is dry, it can lead to breakage. For most part, shampooing is okay because it can get rid of the dirt.

Who should shampoo frequently?

As much as you love shampoo, applying it frequently is only good for certain people. For example, experts already agreed that people who need frequent shampooing are those with fine hair, those who are living in humid place and who exercises a lot. People who have oily scalp should also wash with shampoo daily.

Who should shampoo less?

If your hair is thick and less oily, you can go days without washing with shampoo. In fact, challenge yourself to go as far as you can for a healthier hair. If you already notice that your scalp is itching or hair is visibly oily, it is time that you consider shampoo.

Scientifically, how long can you go without shampoo?

The period will depend on your style and texture plus thickness of the hair. For example, if you considered a keratin treatment or blow-out, you need to wash with shampoo at least twice a week; this is to put less stress on your hair.

Hopefully you learned many things about shampooing. Sometimes this activity is thought about less. People wonder why their hair is not healthy but they did not stop for a second and evaluate how they shampoo.

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