Featuring the Bicycle of the Future  


Bicycles are an efficient mode of transportation here in Singapore. In fact, many cycling paths have been built in Singapore to cater to the growing patrons of bicycles. The government is encouraging people to consider bicycle because it is economical and nature-friendly.


The good news is that there is a manufacturer who made the bicycle of the future a reality. The bicycle is called Gi FlyBike. The concept was started by three inventors during a national strike in Argentina that crippled the whole public transportation.

The strike paved way for inventors to create an option for people to commute without the discomfort of regular bicycles. So, they built Gi FlyBike – a twenty six inches wheeled foldable bicycle equipped with a smart technology that entails little to no maintenance. Sounds good, right?

The best thing about this bicycle is it is electric. When travelling a slope, you will never have difficulties because it is equipped with three-speed electric assistance. The bicycle is connected to an application which will give you access to other features like GPS. GPS is helpful in determining your location and which route is the most efficient.


It does not end there because if your smartphone is running low on batteries, the bicycle is capable of charging it. Since this bicycle can cost a great deal of money, there is a possibility that it will be stolen. With this, the bicycle is equipped with automatic locking feature – a mobile application that will lock or unlock your bicycle. You will be given codes so you can access your bicycle.

As mentioned earlier, the bicycle is foldable and only weights 16.7 kilograms. The bicycle can travel at least 64 kilometres with one single charge. This bicycle is truly a wonder.

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