Healthy Food for Beautiful Skin

It has been widely accepted that beauty starts from within and your skin support this thought. Human skin is the outermost part of the body. It is also known as the largest organ which covers the entire organ system from head to toe. In addition, your skin is the best protected shield against cold, heat, and warm environmental conditions.

Beauty experts in Singapore popularized this adage that essential solution to make your skin looks beautiful is the right choice of food for the whole family. Food rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and essential nutrients keep your skin glow and beautiful. This article intends to provide practical information on the right choice of food for a healthy skin that absolutely fit in your budget, read this very quickly!


1.   Enjoy the freshness of citrus extracts. Oranges, lemons, and grapefruits etc. are prominent example of citrus. Vitamin C is known to as major component of citrus fruits. This vitamin helps rejuvenate, freshen, and moisture your skin, plus, it keeps your skin from wrinkles.

2.  Mix kiwi fruits in your salad bowl. Kiwi exudes excellent benefit for your skin.  These tangy-sweet fruit is sometimes mixed into your salads. Kiwi is packed with Vitamin C which helps maintain strengthen collagen in your skin, in effect, making it firm. A kiwi juice establishes furry and firm skin tone.

3.   Eat strawberries every day.  Strawberries contains Vitamin C which attack dryness of your skin due to aging or fight the rid of wrinkles. A piece of strawberry a day renew damage cells cause by free radicals, thus Vitamin C is also essential for dehydrated looking skin.

4.   Great effect of avocado. In tropical countries like Singapore, avocado is commonly known for its guaranteed effect for your skin. Essentially, avocado contains vitamin E which moisturizes human skin which prevents hydration process. And also, avocado is an ultimate source of biotin or Vitamin H. Biotin heals your wounds quickly.

5.   Get a slice of tomato. Tomatoes have several health benefits your skin is the best benefactors of tomato. In fact, tomatoes contain lycopene. What is lycopene then? Lycopene is a form of substance use by many as facial cleansers. For wonderful effect, slice tomato into twelve pieces then place it on your skin for about ten minutes and experience soft and natural effect of tomato.

6.   A cup of tea. Tea is an excellent source of caffeine. Most beauty experts believe that caffeine blocked or fight skin cancer. In fact, caffeine literally kills ultraviolet-damaged skins and prevents precancerous symptoms. UV primarily inhibits the rise of skin cancers or tumors.

7.   Discover effects of papaya for your skin. The most common fruits anywhere in Singapore is papaya. This fruit is also rich in Vitamin C which brings back the beauty of your skin from damage cause by UV rays. What is a UV ray? The ultraviolet rays or UV rays trigger your skin from threat of skin cancer, that’s why most papaya is one of the main ingredients for beauty cosmetics and products.

8.   Natural remedy of pomegranate. Pomegranate spells numerous effects for beautiful skin. This orange-sized fruit is filled with highest level of vitamins C, B5, A, and E, essential nutrients and minerals. Pomegranates are good as anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-microbial and possibly slower down anti-aging process which can be seen through your skin. In addition, this fruit prevents skin from acne to spots of aging, and dryness.

9.   The sweet potatoes. Potato came from a species of vegetables or root crop – and is packed with vitamins A and E plus beta-carotene. Both vitamins from sweet potato help develop glowing complexion, healthy and beautiful skin. As such, potatoes are grows in most tropical countries.

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