Home Hacks: 5 Ways to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Having an energy-efficient home isn’t only beneficial for your savings, it’s good for the environment as well. With the ozone layer being destroyed and the sun melting the glaciers all over the world, our planet is starting to head down to the gutter. This is why it’s the perfect time to change – the time stop relying on the environment-harming resources, and start making our homes energy efficient through doing the following tips:

1. Upgrade Your Lightings

The easiest trick that you can do make your home more energy efficient is to change your traditional incandescent bulbs to compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs). Unlike incandescent bulbs, CFLs are relatively inexpensive and only require less energy to heat up. Plus, with those savings from using this lightbulbs, you could make an even healthier leap from CFLs to LED bulbs later on. LEDs only take 12.5 watts to light up, giving you lower electricity bill and lesser greenhouse gases for the environment.

2. Unplug Unused Appliances

Electronics and appliances account for 20 percent of household energy bills in a typical Singapore home – and the only way to stop this from continuing is to simply unplug any unused appliances on your home. Appliances, such as the microwave, use minute amounts of power every time you keep them plugged. That means an additional eight to 10 cents on your bill. To keep your bill from further blowing up, ensure that you keep appliances like desktop computers, air conditioners, televisions, and radios unplugged especially when not in use.

3. Opt for Power Strips

Power strips are a dynamic force when it comes to powering off excessive plugs and devices. Some energy hogs, such as PC desktops, never really “turn off” when they’re switched off. To correct this problem, simply plug your appliances to a power strip and switch the strip off. With this, you’ll be able to keep your devices from simultaneously consuming energy.

4. Purchase Energy Efficient Appliances

If you’re going to purchase new appliances to make your home energy efficient, then it’d be best to look for those with HE logo. Although it costs more than those regular appliances, energy efficient appliances tend to use less energy, thus saving you more bucks over time. Now that’s an investment that’ll keep both your savings and the environment happy.

5. Schedule an Energy Efficient Audit

The best way to make your niche energy efficient is to call an energy auditor to see where your home stands in terms of energy efficiency. They are equipped with specialized tools that’ll help them evaluate the energy efficiency of your space, and determine what low cost measures you could possibly take to increase your home’s efficiency.

Making your home energy efficient isn’t as difficult and expensive as you thought it to be. There are actually a lot of things that you can do to increase your home’s energy efficiency, and these hacks are definitely a great place to start with.

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