How to Deal with the Shaking Indoors

If you feel that your ground is shaking, it should give you a hint that you are experiencing an earthquake. You should know that there is no device that can predict earthquakes. It can shake the ground without giving a warning. There are earthquakes that are tolerable, while there are others that can leave cities devastated. As much as possible, you pray and hope that earthquakes will not come to your place but things happen.


You can counter earthquake though. You only need knowledge. If you are indoors, here are some things that you should consider when you are battling with the shaking:

1. Stay Calm

It is necessary to be calm. If you panic, you will not think clearly. It is natural to fear or be tensed, but if you let that take over you, you’ll be likely to make wrong decisions that may cost you dearly.

2. Drop, Take Cover and Hold On

The first thing that you need to do when you feel strong shaking from the ground is drop on the floor. If you have a desk near you, take cover under it. Do not immediately run outside or hide under your doorway. Once you are under a desk, hold unto it and wait for the shaking to subside.


3. Alternative

You can use the triangle of life as an alternative to drop, cover and hold. If there are no desks or tables around, you need to look for other furniture nearby. The triangle of life is a theory that can protect people. For example, if you stay near (not under) sofas, there are spaces created upon the collapse. That space can serve as your protection. But this is not backed by scientific findings.

4. Stay and Wait

No matter what happens, stay inside the house and wait for the shaking to subside. You are more likely to incur injuries if you move around. If you feel that the shaking has stopped, you have to be careful when exiting your house, making sure to avoid tall buildings and crevasses.

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