How You Should Care for Your Engagement Ring?

With the sentimental – and monetary – value of your engagement ring, the last thing you would ever want to do is chip it, nick it, or knock the stone loose from its band. Show your beloved how much you treasure his gift of love by making sure that the ring would last a lifetime. Here’s how you show your care for such a precious symbol of love.


Take It Off

It’s always a good idea to take off your ring when doing strenuous hand activities or activities involving water, such as swimming or dishwashing. Just remember to put the ring in a secure place – not on the windowsill or anywhere near the garbage bin. Since you must be constantly thinking that I took such pains to pick out a unique engagement rings for my fiancee in Singapore, If it’s a habit for you to take off your ring at home, store it in a jewelry box. If there’s someone at home that is not a member of your family, such as maids or a family driver, place your jewelry box in an unusual but memorable spot.

Clean It Often

Keep your engagement ring sparkly and brilliant at all times by removing skin oil, dirt and lotions, which could decrease its clarity and shine. You can simply soak your ring in lukewarm water with dishwashing liquid, and scrub it with a soft-bristled toothbrush. Another cleaning solution is to mix equal parts of cold water and ammonia, where you can soak your ring for 30 minutes.
Professional Maintenance

Professional ring maintenance must be done twice a year by your Singapore ring jeweler. Have the stone and prongs checked for necessary adjustments and to avoid dislodged stone. So, to save yourself from the panic and headache from losing such precious gem, consider visiting your trusted jeweler as often you visit your dentist.

An engagement ring is displayed at a jewellery store

Hide It

Though jewelries are meant to be worn, it’s still advisable to keep them out of sight when travelling or when doing everyday errands. If travelling, save yourself from the worries with hotel deposit boxes by keeping the precious ring at home. If it’s an opulent type of engagement or wedding ring, and find yourself in a neighborhood where such kind of jewelry could make you a target for robbers, bring the ring with your wherever you go and put it in a secure pocket, or rotate it so the stone faces your palm and the exposed part looks like a simple wedding band.

Insure the Ring

No matter how careful you are with your engagement ring and wedding ring, there’s always a chance that it can get lost or stolen. Ring insurance can reimburse you with the monetary value of the proposal ring, to save you from major financial loss. Most companies include the ring in the homeowner’s insurance, though you can always have it separately insured. Keep in mind that most jewelry insurance policies offered by Singapore jewelers require an independent appraisal and can only reimburse you with the amount that the appraiser declares as the value of the ring.


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