Planning for the Perfect Wedding Abroad

It may appear complicated at first, but planning for a dreamy destination wedding can be as easy as planning one at home. Here’s how to make your destination wedding planning a lot less stressful.

  1. Get Professional Help

First of all, if you want a stress-free wedding planning, hire a professional wedding organizer. Look for a reliable one in the location where your wedding will take place. With the right professional, it’s easier to find great vendors in the area and your organizer can double as middleman, especially if you do not speak their local language.

  • Learn the Legalities

Every country has their own rules when it comes to getting married, and if you do not follow these legalities it can lead to trouble on your return home. Make sure that your marriage is valid in the location of your wedding, and do not forget that it may also have to be authenticated when you get back home. To lighten the burden, opt to have a small civil ceremony at home before your destination wedding.

  • Skip Inviting Everyone You Know

Destination weddings are ideal for small weddings, with only the closest friends and relatives are invited. Sometimes, you might feel obligated to invite everyone in the office or your third degree cousins. However, also remember that they might in some way feel obligated to come to your wedding even though they may not be able to afford the trip.

  • Send Out the Invitations Earlier than Usual

Invitations for overseas weddings should be sent out earlier than for local ones. Make sure to send out your invitations at least four months before your RSVP date, so your guests will have enough time to arrange their schedule and respond to you. 

  • Help With Your Guests’ Accommodation

It’s not that you are going to shoulder 100 percent of your guests’ accommodation (unless you want to), but organizing a discount at a hotel in the area to help lessen the pressure off your guests. Keep in mind that probably most of your guests have no idea of the area and the best places to stay, so make it easier for them by organizing their accommodation.

  • Visit the Location

If your budget allows, visit the destination at least once before the big day. The hotel’s website isn’t enough to see the complete amenities of the hotel and can’t even give you the idea of how accommodating the staffs are. Arrange a visit to the hotel with your wedding planner to check for yourself the site where the ceremony and the reception will be held. You may also want to do a taste testing for your wedding banquet.

The world is your oyster when it comes to planning your wedding. It may look complicated at first, but your wedding planner can make the process a lot bearable.

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