Safety Tips for Women Living Alone

Women living alone are very common nowadays, especially in countries like Singapore. Some women live alone because it’s closer to their workplace or the school they are currently enrolled in. Young-woman-looking-out-o-0031 The two biggest concerns of women who live alone are their safety and security. Being alone in a place where you have no companion is scary and alarming, especially with the growing number of crimes like robbery and rape, involving the victimization of women living alone. Read on to get some tips involving the safety of women living alone. Security Alarms One common safety tip is having a security alarm attached to your possessions, even on things that you don’t even use. Car alarms are very useful to scare away not only car robbers but also people who are attempting to enter your home. Your house or apartment should also have an alarm attached to doors and even windows that will trigger if they are forcibly opened. The loud sound will scare away lawless elements and attract the attention of your neighbors. Security-Alarm Locks Invest in good locks for your doors or windows. Use double locks so that it will be harder for robbers or people with bad intentions to enter into your home. One very important thing to do when you are settling into a new home is to always change the locks. If you have sliding doors, instead of just relying on their locks, use a metal bar or pole and jam it into the door tracks for good measure. 304

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