Singapore: Budget-Friendly Valentine Celebration

Planning a surprise for your girlfriend? Luckily, this can help. If you are on a tight budget for your Valentine surprise, visit these places so that your money will be enough. Typically, during a holiday or even a significant event in your locale, discounts in different establishments are being granted to all. Annually, business firms give discounts and bonuses for all their costumers’ especially during the months of December, January and February.


These are the months wherein we celebrate Christmas, New Year and Valentines respectively. Product and services sales are fulfilled by many companies most especially in the food category. If your budget is only $100–$150, walk off until you reach Bacchanalia. Here, they will give you and your valentine a great music produced by DJ Jon White and Stephen day. Also, who would have thought that they will serve you a three-course brunch and a lot of bubbles?


If you think, this is it? It’s not. Basically, when you enter the vicinity you’ll see different colors with different meanings. For red – It means that you are taken; Green for single and yellow for puzzled people. If you want an elegant surprise, have a three-course dinner at Prive Café. For only $110 you can feel relaxed with their meals like simmered salmon and braised oxtail.

District 10 also created something special for a valentine blowout with their $116 per person discount that comprises sautéed prawns, salmon carpaccio, roasted seabass, chocolate cake for dessert and grilled black beef. For only $148 you’ll both love the price but also the menu served in My Little Spanish Place. As usual, Spanish foods are served here like pan-seared iberico, Spanish charcuterie with Jamon and Spanish cheeses.



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