The Effects of Shisha

Have you ever tried shisha? If not, it is better that way because shisha poses danger too. Many people think that it is harmless but that is a misconception. Shisha can pose a health risk too. You should know how it can affect the body so you will not consider it or you will stop it.


Shisha uses fruit flavoured (grape and apple) tobacco; the smoke will pass through the water and you can inhale it via the attached pipe. Recent studies show that shisha can be addictive and it can cause the following things: Second hand smoke Like cigarettes, shishas also emit smoke. The smoke will risk the health of those who are near you. It is better to avoid a crowd when you are smoking. shishapipe2 Cancer When you smoke shisha, you will heat the tobacco using a charcoal, right? The heat plus the charcoal can produce elevated levels of carbon monoxide and other chemicals that can cause cancer. Flu When you smoke cigarettes, you are assured that it came from your mouth alone but in the case of shisha, you share the pipes. Sharing of pipes is unsanitary. It can cause flu, tuberculosis and other infections. Heart disease Apart from cancer, smoking in general can cause a chronic illness like heart disease. In the case of shisha, the hookah tobacco plus the smoke include substances that can clog arteries. If you do not want to endure this all, you have to give up shisha as soon as possible. It was mentioned earlier that shisha can be addictive. You can still redeem yourself and get away from that addiction. Do not worry because there are many counsellors and support groups that you can join. shisha-pub-szczecin24

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