The Place to Go When the Love is Gone

In the busy streets of Singapore, you can see hundreds of restaurants. These are no just so-so restaurants but these are eating places that will truly satisfy your cravings. Since there are many of the crowded in the distinctive roads of the country, it will be a daunting task to hunt for the best restaurant on town.


To simplify your difficult search for the top restaurants to eat in Singapore, visit Yuan Chun Famous for Lot Mee. This food hub is serving the best recipes that you are looking for. As usual, their signature dish here is the Lor Mee – a Chinese-inspired recipe that is combined with thick gravy and thick flat noodles with rice cakes, fish, pork or chicken dumplings and hard-boiled eggs. Traditionally, its gravy is made up of different spices together with eggs and cornstarch.

At Yuan Chin Famous Lor Mee, the serving of Lot Mere is different since the ingredients used are the following: crispy meat rolls (locally known as Ngo Hiang), bean sprouts shredded fish, chopped pork belly (cube-size), crispy fried batter bits and more.


Their gravy really excel compared to other restaurants serving Lor Mee because of the thinly-chopped garlic and few tablespoon of vinegar mixed. It brings everything to a whole new level. To add, red chili sums up the delicious Lor Mee of Yuan Chun Famous Lor Mee. There’s really no question why the restaurant is crowded by many Lor Mee lovers every day.


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