The Top 5 Most Reliable Home Security Systems

There are various home security items available for both residential and business establishments. In Singapore, there are even companies specializing in home security systems. These companies often offer packages that include an extensive range of products for securing one’s home or business. If you want to feel more secured, consider getting the five most reliable security systems today.

1.   Burglar Alarms

Shield Alarms

The first line of defence is burglar alarms. If our doors and windows are forcibly opened, we will be notified immediately by a sounding alarm. The alarm is very loud that even our neighbours can hear it. Installing burglar alarms can be completed by security companies. With a burglar alarm, you will be immediately notified and take action if someone has broken into your home.

2.   Door locks with Access Codes


We can install special doors that will ask for a code. If we know the code, we can enter easily but if the system detects the exceeding number of tries, it will immediately inform us or the security agency. One advantage of door locks with access codes is that it doesn’t require a key, and that you can easily change your code if you feel that it’s not secured anymore.

3.   CCTV Cameras


CCTV (Closed circuit television) cameras are the most popular security system because it can record events and save it for future references. If there are people attempting to go inside the house without consent, it will record the movement. With the help of our camera, we will know the invader’s movements so we can immediately act which is an advantage on our part. If invaders are not caught in time, police can still identify or name them because of the recorded images in our cameras. It is a win-win situation.

The cost depends on the type of camera, memory, battery life and size. If we want a clear video, it will cost more. There are cameras that can also record audio at the same time. Home security If we choose cameras with bigger memory or expandable memory, we should expect higher price. If we want to be subtle, small but high powered cameras are also available. Let’s not forget to ask for the battery life of the camera.

4.   Smoke Detectors


If we install smoke detectors and purchase fire extinguishers, we can lessen the occurrence of fires. There are security systems that do additional things like monitor the changes in the environment or changes in the temperature. Some detectors can also detect the presence of dangerous gasses like carbon monoxide that we don’t normally notice.

5.   Self-Defence Items


Aside from the things mentioned above, safety and protection should come in handy. We can purchase taser. But before purchasing taser, we should make sure it is legal in our place because there are places that discourage its use. We can also purchase pepper sprays. Because of their dangers, self-defence items should be kept in an accessible location, yet secure from children.

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