Water as a Breath Freshener

As we all know, water is very essential to all living things most especially to humans. Water is needed for our everyday life. We drink water, we use water for cooking, taking a bath, washing our clothes, our car, and many more. Apart from these, water is known as a detoxifying agent or a substance that clear toxins inside the body.


Indeed, water is really important in our daily lives. Another thing that water can do is that, it can lessen the foul smell that’s coming from our dear mouth when we wake up. Imagine that bad odor you smell in the morning – like a rotten egg, right? Fortunately, it can be rinsed with the use of mouthwash. However, it will still be good if there’s a natural thing that can prevent the rotten egg-like smell and it’s only the water.


Why do we get bad breath after a deep sleep? It happens because when we take a rest, we are making a small amount of saliva. It’s also the same when we are going to talk less. Saliva is very important as it keeps the mouth wet and making our breath be on its normal state. It also produces oxygen that is a good for the body as well as I’m our mouth. On the other hand, it doesn’t just happen in the morning. Actually, we can produce bad breath even if we are not doing anything. In fact, it is more acceptable to talk to other people than remain silent for the rest of the day because it can really make you mouth acquire a very awful smell.


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