4 Things Your Hairstylist Wish You Knew


Your hairstylist may be really chatty while you’re in her styling chair, but there are a few things that they never say out loud but wish you knew. One of them? Do not set an appointment later in the afternoon. Read on for more tips to make it easier for your stylist to transform your locks.

  1. Come With Clean Hair

Many women show up to their stylist with hair that has not been washed for three or four days, sometimes even a week. If you do wash your hair before your appointment, the product build-up on your strands can cause the hair colour to apply unevenly.  However, when washing your hair, do not scrub your scalp as it can make your skin sensitive to the dye. If washing your hair takes so much time on the day of your appointment, shower the night before. A fresh, clean hair gets the most out of the hair colour.

  1. Be Honest

It’s important that you tell to your stylist your hair’s history, whether you had Brazilian blow out, a gloss, at-home hair colour, etc. This makes a difference on how your hairstylist will go about your hair treatment. Also mention how much your budget is and how many sessions the treatment needs to ensure you are not getting in too deep. Certain cuts and colours need regular upkeep, so if you want low maintenance, ask your hairstylist for a cut that will still look great as it grows out.

  1. Choose Your Time Wisely

As much as possible, avoid a late afternoon appointment on a Saturday. If you’re a new client and needs a lot of revamping to your hair, book your appointment in the morning or on a weekday. It’ easier to get a lot during these times and your hairstylist will have more time to dedicate to you. Not sure of what hairstyle to have or how long the styling will take? Call your stylist or drop by the salon for a consultation.

  1. Be Patient

When aiming for a major colour change, do not expect too much from your first appointment. Don’t expect to go blonde from jet black hair in one sitting. Hairstylists do it gradually to limit the damage and maintain your hair’s integrity. If the process is going to take longer and your schedule can’t accommodate the following appointments, reschedule your initial appointment when you have the time.

Stylists love to get creative with your hair. However, styling and doing major change with it requires a bit of work from your side, too. Do a little research and keep these points in mind before heading out to a salon.

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