4 Workout Philosophies That Do More Harm Than Good

When we usually call a bad workout routine is more aptly called a bad workout philosophy. This happens when a person uses an approach in working out that only produces mediocre results while risking injury. So before you start any fitness regimen, know the following workout philosophies you should avoid.


  1. Focusing on Just a Single Muscle Group

We all know that training a particular muscle won’t work. In exercising, you need to work your entire body as each part of it moves in an integrated way. Keep in mind that all of your body systems work together and there is no way to train just select parts of your body that would give you any practical benefits.

  1. Pushing Yourself Too Hard

Going to a short, focused workout class is usually not good for most people since its injury rate is quite high. Experts even shared that people tend to quit training because they can’t keep up with such exercise. So instead of aggressively performing your routine, work towards your fitness goal gradually. For an effective workout, start at a slow pace during your first days of training and increase your intensity and duration bit by bit until you reach the goal you have in mind.


  1. Skipping Recovery Periods

Taking a day off from your workout routine won’t make you a slacker. By allowing yourself to take a break from exercising, you’re giving your body the chance to regenerate and produce good workout results. Performing back-to-back workouts with no rest days will likely just cause you to lose your motivation as it may lead you to injure or exhaust yourself, or worse, not deliver the results you might be expecting.

  1. Ignoring Signals from Your Body

If a particular part of your body is aching, then there must be some reason behind it that you should pay close attention to. Performing a pigeon pose in your yoga class, for instance, won’t be enough cause for an aching knee – there must be some tension and lack of mobility in the other parts of your body that’s causing this.

This why it’s important that you pay attention to your workout routines and see if your body can keep up with it. If you experience similar problems when you work out, recognize it give time to let the injured part heal to avoid further injuries that may be more damaging.

Although following some exercising philosophies can be beneficial for your workout routine, there are still some that we shouldn’t practice because not only will it harm us, it will only provide us with mediocre workout results.


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