5 Cost-Efficient Ways to Cutback Energy Costs This Summer

  During the summer months, electricity bills and water bills can get pretty high. However, there are some easy ways to trim down your celebrex and alcohol cooling costs without suffering sweaty days and uncomfortable nights. As long as you start preparing early for the coming heat lipitor wave, you can save a few hundred dollars from utility bills, as well as do our environment a great favour. stream_img

  1. Cover Up Holes

The cool air from your air conditioning unit must be treated like precious vapour that must not escape. If you use window-unit air conditioners, make sure that it fits tightly so the flagyl side effects air can’t escape around the unit. Shutting the windows and doors of the room also helps to lighten the load of your aircon unit.

  1. Heavy Curtains on Windows

Curtains are more than just home accessories. They can also help in keeping your house cool by blocking out the sunlight. By preventing the sunlight from streaming in and warming up your house, your aircon won’t have to work as hard. If buying heavy drapes for every window is expensive, only hang them in areas that get the most sunlight. Heavy-Blackout-Polka-Dot-and-Striped-Curtains-in-Champagne-Two-Panels-C1080

  1. Operate Thermostat Efficiently

If you’re out most of the day, it’s okay to let your home warm up by setting your thermostat. Programmable thermostat, which allows the temperature to rise during the day when there’s no one home, can save you up to 30% annually. Even though most air conditioning systems have built-in programmable thermostats, only a few makes use of them, which means may systems work harder than necessary.

  1. Take Cold Baths

While you need to use the water heater during colder months, cooler baths during the hot season greatly helps in lowering your body temperature, making you feel more comfortable and much cooler amidst the heat. By taking cold baths, you would require less cooling from your air conditioning unit, saving more from your electricity bill.

  1. Stay Away From the Oven

Using the oven also heats up the rest of the house, which forces your aircon to work harder. If you must cook, consider a toaster oven, an outdoor grill, or the stove top, which gives off lesser heat than the oven. If you have always suffered paying costly bills during the summer months, it’s surely because of the overused air conditioning systems you have at home. This time, be an informed consumer by educating yourself of the ways to be cost-efficient. Consider these tips and be surprised of how much you can save from your energy costs this summer. Happy Housewife

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