5 Crucial Signs that Say It’s Time to Organize Your Room

When in Singapore, being busy can be a normal thing. However, there may just be times when your schedule is just too crammed and too hectic to the point that you don’t have any more time to slow down and re-organize.

If you notice these signs happening in your life, it might be the time to take a step back and re-asses where you are – and make changes as needed:

  1. You keep misplacing everything

Everyone misplaces things now and then, but when you can’t even keep track of your essentials – your phone, wallet, keys, etc. – it means that your routine is breaking down in one part or another, and you need to get it back on track as soon as possible.

For your room, this means placing them back in the same spot you usually place them in, or keeping them in your handbag for easy access anytime you need it.

  • Menial tasks frustrate you

You may think that you’re not moving fast enough and there are a lot of ways to save time to get to what you need to do faster, and you can start by getting rid of these small, everyday tasks.

But it turns out the solution to getting things done is to actually start with these small things. Not only do they help you establish a routine, but you can also use them to take a look at the bigger picture that is your hectic schedule.

  • Your attention span is shorter/you’re more easily distracted

Because there are so many things going on at once, you don’t even know where to start for fear of missing out.

And this also reflects in your personal space – having a really cluttered one is a sign that you’re too distracted to focus on any one thing for a longer period of time, and the solution is to take the time to clean out your desk or your room.

  • You feel overwhelmed

There comes a point when everyone feels like there’s simply too much to do with so little time. However, there is a way to manage this without being overwhelmed, and that is through effective time management and prioritizing tasks.

So if you have so many post-it notes and reminders that you can’t seem to sift through, the first thing you need to do is to find the things you need to do first.

  • You feel ashamed to invite friends over

If the thought alone feels embarrassing for you, this is the biggest sign that you need to get started right away

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