5 Essential Wedding Tips from Real Brides


You have probably heard the bridal advice of getting to bed early and leave everything to your planner on your wedding day, but what really are the specific tricks to pulling off a dream wedding?  Here are some been-there-done-that tips from our newlywed brides.

  1. Ban the Phones

It’s totally fine to ask your guests to avoid taking photos with their phones and other devices during the wedding ceremony. You spent a significant amount of money on a photographer, and the last thing you want to see are photos of your first kiss as wedded couple with hands holding up phones.

  1. Plan and Decide On Your Own

It is you and your fiance who are getting married, not your mom, your aunt or your fiance’s uncle. Whatever decision you will be making, listen to yourself and to your partner only and be firm with your choices. If you let other people do the decision-making, it may result to resentment later on. Also, as much as possible, minimize the stress. Stress is hard to hide on camera—you don’t want to look anxious and exhausted on your wedding photos.

  1. Fuel Up Before the Ceremony Starts

In the middle of excitement, you’ll hardly feel hungry. However, fuelling up before the wedding ceremony must be on your wedding day to-do list—up there next to your hair and make-up. After your hair and make-up is done, find something to eat to keep you full for longer hours. You may not have the chance to eat during the reception, so make sure to have a light meal before walking down the aisle.

  1. Always Go Pro

A friend may have offered a low-cost or free wedding service, such as flower arrangement, sound system, photography and videography. While it helps save money, it’s also big risk for this once-in-a-lifetime event.  If your budget allows, hire professionals for every service you need and make sure to be clear with the things you want and don’t want them to do.

  1. Tag Your Spouse Along

Greet your guests together when it’s time to roam around and socialize. During the reception, go table hopping as a couple instead of doing it separately. Many bridal couples split up to make sure they can say hello to every guest that they barely spend time being together in their own wedding.

Your wedding is meant to be a celebration of love and union. Regardless of your music, food or flowers, the result is still the same—you will be marrying the person you love the most. Let go and just have fun on this very special day of your life.

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