5 Tips for Sample Sale Shopping

When going for sample sale shopping, the primary goal would be to get the best stuff at the best price possible. The problem? Every woman going sample sale shopping has that same goal, resulting to some stiff competition. No need to worry though, as there are several ways on how you can triage your way into the frontline and score some killer merchandises.


  1. Be Informed About the Sample Sale Events. The best way to score good merchandises at a sample sale? Be informed about the schedules of the sample sale events. But there’s no need for you to be too enmeshed in the fashion industry to be posted about the top sales. Now, you can just sign up on various invites, alerts and newsletters to stay informed about these kind of events. If you have a friend working in fashion, you can also ask her to keep you posted about some private invites.
  1. Know the Location of the Sample Sales. If it’s your first time to go sample sale shopping, then it’s important that you know that this kind of event isn’t held in easy-to-spot locations. In fact, most sample sales are done in office buildings. So before you head to your first ever sample sale, make sure that you know the exact address of the venue.
  1. Shop Early to Score Bigger Sales. It’s common knowledge that an opening of a sample sale draws insane crowds. So for you to be able to get a first pick at all the good stuff, ensure that you arrive several hours before the sale actually starts. While there’s a chance that you might not be the first person on the line, being the fourth person to line up is still better than being the 94.


  1. Leave Your Vanity at Home. Unlike in boutiques, most of the locations of sample sales don’t have any formal fitting rooms. Meaning, you’ll be forced to strip down in front of other ladies to check on the fit of the clothing piece that you like. With this, we suggest that you wear thin layered tank tops and leggings for easier try-ons.
  1. Walk Away if Nothing Interests You. If you haven’t seen anything that’s worth spending your bucks on, then it might be a good idea to just walk away from the sample sale. The items might cost less than they do in retail, but in a designer sales’ case, some items are still not cheap. Remember, there’s a reason why some sales have a lot of overstock items and that’s because they’re not in demand.

Going on sample sale shopping isn’t just like any of your shopping trips to the mall. So keep these tips in mind as you head out to your first sample sale shopping to get the most of what you’re paying.


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