5 Tips in Writing the Perfect Cover Letter

We all know that writing a résumé can be quite challenging at best, but composing a cover letter? Well, it’s enough to have you pulling your hair out. Sounds like a major undertaking, doesn’t it? Well, worry not as we’ve rounded up five of the best tricks on how you can create a cover letter that’s impactful and convincing for an employer to take you in the team. Fictitious Resume

  1. Keep Personal Branding in Mind. You’ve worked hard to finish your résumé. You polished its content, went through every single detail to check for errors and typos, and spent hours on deciding what layout and font to use—the same thing should go for the cover letter. The font style and colour, as well as the layout, should be coherent with the resume. This makes the documents recognizable as a pair and in presenting a cohesive personal brand.
  1. Avoid Duplicating Your Résumé. While your cover letter should complement your résumé, it shouldn’t appear like a carbon copy of the information stated in your résumé. Your cover letter isn’t the narrative form of your résumé – it should offer additional value to it. Use it to expand the things that you couldn’t squeeze into your résumé like the reason why you’re a perfect fit for the company and the position you’re applying for.
  1. Mention Specific Accomplishments. Your cover letter is your chance to expound the experience and skill set you’ve listed in your résumé. But since you need to keep your letter as concise as possible, you won’t be able to elaborate on everything that you have written. Instead, list down some of your most applicable and impressive skills, and provide additional information about those. If you’re looking into further emphasizing your qualification, work on the testimonials and feedback that were given by your previous boss and colleagues.


  1. Customize it For Each Job Application. Unlike your résumé, your cover letter should be highly tailored for each job you apply for. Apart from combing through the company’s job description to check on the relevant skills that you can point out, it’d be best to also read the organization’s website and blog posts to get a feel of the company’s personality and culture. After ample research, start revising your letter using the same style and tone as the company’s. This is a simple and sneaky way to show that you’re a perfect fit for their team.
  1. Enjoy Writing It. Sure, composing a cover letter requires in-depth thinking, but that shouldn’t keep you from showing your jovial and positive attitude. Remember that it’s nowhere near formal and stiff as your résumé, so don’t be afraid to showcase a part of your personality while composing one.

Crafting a cover letter that perfectly summarizes your background and expertise can be intimidating. However, by taking the time and making the extra effort to write a brief-but-concise cover letter, you’ll be able to put yourself at the top of any recruiter’s pile. Cover-Letter-Writing-Guide

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