A Guide to Bugis Street Shopping

Bugis Street – as many old Singaporeans would attest – has definitely transformed itself from its not-to-savoury past. Today, the street houses the Bugis Street Flea Market, Singapore’s largest flea market with 800 stalls offering various products and one of the country’s most popular shopping destination. Aside from the array of items that can be found here, Bugis Street Flea Market also offers the cheapest products – whether they’re hand-me-downs or brand new ones.


Aside from the cheap hand-me-down and brand new products in the Bugis Street Flea Market, one can also find cheap foods here. In this street also lies stalls that offer different dishes from native Singaporean dishes to dishes from a fusion of Asian and European cuisine. Best yet, all of these can be bought at very cheap prices.

Another good place in Bugis Street that teenagers would surely love is the Bugis Junction. This is another shopping centre that hosts fresh and trendy products for teens and hipsters. If you feel hungry after your long hours of shopping, located in the basement of the mall are a lot of food stalls where you can find native Singaporean dishes and other gastronomic delights.


If you are not satisfied yet with the teens stuff you saw in Bugis Junction, you can walk to another place which offers teen oriented products—the Iluma. Iluma offer a wide array of products for teens. What made this place different from the Bugis Junction is the Film Garde. This place has a nine-screen Cineplex movie house. If you are a fan of films, you will find this place interesting. Nonetheless, if you only want some photo opportunities, you can pass by this place at night. The lighting of the Film Garde is worth the snap.

Before you leave, you can also pass by OG Albert Complex where you can buy different souvenirs including home decorations, more clothes and different travelling stuff. All of these can be found in Bugis Street, and can be located by taking the MRT.



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