Alkaline Water Health Benefits

Our bodies are like plants. When it has no sufficient supply of water in its system, it slowly dries up and eventually dies out. That is how essential water is to any living creature. As many people would say, water is life. Sadly, many people in Singapore overlook the importance of keeping hydrated and drinking highly beneficial water like alkaline water. If you aren’t drinking alkaline water, here’s what you’ve been missing: Cleansing Attributes Alkaline water, or ionized water, is known to have cleansing attributes. The benefits are that it is effective in cleansing the body, particularly the colon or large intestine. When unhealthy substances gather up and cling onto the walls of the colon, they can become toxic and fatal over time. This condition often leads to the person having colon cancer. Health specialists recognize that a clean and healthy colon is one of the secrets to having good health. They identify that an unclean and acidic colon is the reason why many Singapore people suffer from severe body ailments. They suggest that drinking the kind of water which has high amounts of ions and minerals can help keep the body away from great medical problems. Alkaline water removes the unhealthy substances that build up in our colon which we do not know. Also, it greatly relieves constipation or that abdominal discomfort when it is difficult to empty the bowels. Antioxidant Properties Alkaline water is known to have antioxidant characteristics. These properties help defy pre-mature aging brought about by our bodies’ exposure to free radicals in the environment. Since the antioxidants in the alkaline water are in the form of liquid, it is easily processed by the cells in our bodies, thus allowing fast absorption into the system. A simple experiment to review the alkaline water benefits in Singapore proved alkaline water to have antioxidant properties. There were two containers: one has tap water and the other one has alkaline water. Each container also had a steel wool soaked in it. After a few hours, the steel wool in tap water rusted, while the one in alkaline water didn’t. Enhances Physical Appearance Alkaline water helps in improving a person’s physical appearance especially in Singapore. It keeps the body revitalized and the skin hydrated and glowing. Continuously drinking alkaline water makes the skin look smooth and prevent breakouts. As an effect, a person drinking alkaline water looks younger and maintains a youthful glow. Recent health studies on benefits show that drinking alkaline water can help treat allergies and eczema. This kind of water has natural medicinal powers increasing the body’s resistance to various skin diseases.

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