How to Afford a Second Honeymoon on a Budget

Going on a second honeymoon is a wonderful way to reminisce and recreate the magical feeling when you were newlyweds. Here’s how you can afford that second honeymoon vacation around and make sure that it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

1. Be Smart With Your Destination
The number one trick here is to be flexible with your destination. For instance, if you’re planning for a beach getaway, instead of heading to Hawaii, look into discounted Caribbean experiences. Paris can get extremely expensive, so trade it off for a much more affordable trip to Quebec. While you may already have specific destinations in mind, it doesn’t harm to check out other options as travel agencies in off-the-beaten path destinations tend to offer great discounts to attract more travellers.

2. Look for All-Inclusive Hotels
All-in packages and trips make for a great honeymoon, even if it is your second one. Most of these destinations provide a fixed price for all your travel needs, as well as a myriad of options when you arrive to the hotel. These packages may include add-ons, such as free meals and activities like kayaking, salsa lessons, spa and massage and live entertainment, to entice more travellers. Plus, many of these packagers have exclusive discounts from airlines, resorts and hotels when bundled together, saving you hundreds of dollars—and from the headache of meticulous planning.

3. Ask for Honeymoon Complimentary
Travel agencies, hotels and resorts add in tons of extras like free room upgrade, massages and private pools that make their packages more honeymoon-worthy. Make sure to do some comparing when booking your package. If you don’t find such freebies in your preferred booking, don’t hesitate to ask the agent if they do have such complimentary additions for couples in honeymoon. Travel service providers love to keep their clients happy and would love to reward special occasions with something extra.

4. Local Rates Makes a Huge Difference
A deal may look great at first, but try to plan out your expenses on entertainment, shopping and food while you’re on vacation. Imagine if the money you have only went half as far as it could have in other destinations. Take the local currency rate of the place into consideration. You’ll be surprised that you’re able to stretch your dollars as much as two or even three times more.

Going somewhere far with your significant other is a fun and amazing way to reconnect with your spouse and breakaway from the stress brought by your everyday lives. All you need is a little flexibility and these smart tips to afford a memorable and romantic second honeymoon.

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