Causes of Fear

1.Incorrect Parental Habits This is for those parents who are overprotective to their children. Parents who don’t want their children to experience new things because of the fear that they may get hurt. lexapro is prescribed for They will develop self-centeredness and fearful of the “misfortune” that their parents are afraid will take place. fear-2 This is also for parents who dominate the lives of their children with anger and condemnation. They will be hesitant, insecure and fearful. If the children make a mistake, parents should be able to point it out without neglecting the good sides of their children. 2.Traumatic Experiences Just imagine a child that is a victim of sexual abuse. This can give negative sway on the child’s adult life. She will definitely have a trust and relationship issues. Likewise for those who are afraid to fall in love again because of the traumatic past experience with a boyfriend. Another one is when you got into an accident and you are the one driving the car. After you recover from it, you will resist celebrex weight gain yourself of driving a car anymore because of the fear of the same accident might happen again. fear-1 3.Pessimistic Outlook Of course, if a person thinks negatively, he or she will be very fearful about trying new things. Just saying you can’t do things means that you think that you are a failure already. Positivity brings success in life while negativity attracts failure. 4.Lack of Faith Fear will exist if you have no faith to God. God will only be the one who assures us from everything and if you doubted Him, you might end up very depressed and terrified. Faith can move mountains and fear brings trouble.

Weather in Singapore Getting Hotter

The average temperature of Singapore has jumped by 0.26 degrees Celcius every ten years, a study showed. Singapore’s Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean who spoke during the awards ceremony of the National Climate Change Competition, which was organized by the National Climate Change Secretariat last Tuesday, November 12, said that this analysis is compatible with the trends around the globe.


Effects of Global Warming The high temperature and the rising sea level is an indication of the effects of global warming. The Deputy Prime Minister lauded the efforts made by the youth in helping reduce climate change. For this year, more than 200 videos were submitted by students in the primary and secondary levels to the competition. sg-weather-3 New Fields of Study The deputy prime minister promised that celebrex there will be more new choices for Singaporeans who want to study and have careers in fields related to science and technology. This, he said, is part of the efforts done by Singapore to maintain its position as a green growth hub country. Meanwhile, the chief executive of the Science Center Singapore, Associate Professor Lim Tit Meng, said that they are continuing its efforts to urge students to involve themselves in science and research. sg-weather-2 Mitigating the Problems Professor Lim also said that they are expecting more equipment and facilities designed to augment the current temperature situation of the country and to help the country in facing the challenges posted by global warming. What they are trying to tap now, the professor said, are the adults since more kids are now more convinced lipitor dosage and are active in helping address environmental issues such as global warming and climate change. The deputy prime minister also announced that there will be climate change exhibition at the Science Center next year.

Sales of Homes in Singapore Down

The demand for new private homes and the sales of homes in Singapore for the month of October this year both posted declining figures, latest data from the country’s Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) showed.


Selling Spots The URA said that the demand for new private homes in Singapore saw a dip of 19 percent for the month of October as lower number of project launches was recorded. Based on URA’s data, 1,009 units of new homes have been sold in October, 19 percent lower than the 1,246 units sold in the previous month. The agency said that of the total number of houses sold, 716 were located in suburban areas, 212 were in the city fringe, and 81 were in the core central region. sg-home-2 Discerning Buyers According to experts and analysts, people have been very discerning lately especially when it comes to buying homes. More buyers, they say, would go for deals and transactions that feature homes that are within their budget. Around 90 percent of the units launched for the month were sold, consultants said. Based on experts’ and analysts’ estimate, about 14,500 to 15,500 units of new private homes could be sold for the whole year of 2013. Meanwhile, home sales in Singapore for the month dropped by nearly half, URA said. sg-home-3 Emerging Trend Notably, homes sales in the country dipped by 48 percent to 1,009 units from 1,949 in the same period last year. When compared to the previous month, October home sales are 19 percent lower. The agency also said that home prices in Singapore grew at the slowest pace in the three months ending September 30. Data from the URA also revealed that home sales in the country have been continuing to decrease in the past four months compared to last year’s.

International Day of Tolerance

On November 16, 1995 the member states of UNESCO (United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization) adopted the Declaration of Principles on Tolerance. What does this mean? The declaration defined tolerance as the acceptance of different views, respect for fellow and appreciation of the richness of the world’s diversity. Furthermore, tolerance also means unity amidst diversity. It was proclaimed that November 16 is the International Day for Tolerance.

All member states commit to uphold tolerance and non-violence by means of programmes that will breed public awareness. For the year 2013, there are many programmes and activities in store for Singapore. As an individual, how can you counter intolerance? UNESCO provided the following measures to counter intolerance:


Countering intolerance necessitates law

It is the responsibility of the government to create, implement and punish discrimination, violence, hate crimes and many other crimes. The government should guarantee equal admission to courts regardless of the state in life.

Countering intolerance necessitates education

Laws will not suffice if the people are not aware or knowledgeable when it comes to tolerance. So, the best thing to do be educated and tackle the root of intolerance, which is ignorance. People should be educated to they can see the point.

Countering intolerance necessitates contact to information

To prevent a group of people from manipulating or influencing other people, the freedom of the press and press pluralism should be encouraged so that people will learn how to distinguish facts from opinions.


Countering intolerance necessitates awareness

It always begins in the individual. Each should be aware of intolerance so they will not do it and encourage other people to do the same. Everyone should remember that intolerance breeds intolerance.

Countering intolerance necessitates domestic solutions

If you are confronted with the escalating intolerance, it will require you to take action. You can do this by forming and organizing a group that is non violent. You should not feel powerless. Your togetherness will promote solidarity.

How to Deal with the Shaking Indoors

If you feel that your ground is shaking, it should give you a hint that you are experiencing an earthquake. You should know that there is no device that can predict earthquakes. It can shake the ground without giving a warning. There are earthquakes that are tolerable, while there are others that can leave cities devastated. As much as possible, you pray and hope that earthquakes will not come to your place but things happen.


You can counter earthquake though. You only need knowledge. If you are indoors, here are some things that you should consider when you are battling with the shaking:

1. Stay Calm

It is necessary to be calm. If you panic, you will not think clearly. It is natural to fear or be tensed, but if you let that take over you, you’ll be likely to make wrong decisions that may cost you dearly.

2. Drop, Take Cover and Hold On

The first thing that you need to do when you feel strong shaking from the ground is drop on the floor. If you have a desk near you, take cover under it. Do not immediately run outside or hide under your doorway. Once you are under a desk, hold unto it and wait for the shaking to subside.


3. Alternative

You can use the triangle of life as an alternative to drop, cover and hold. If there are no desks or tables around, you need to look for other furniture nearby. The triangle of life is a theory that can protect people. For example, if you stay near (not under) sofas, there are spaces created upon the collapse. That space can serve as your protection. But this is not backed by scientific findings.

4. Stay and Wait

No matter what happens, stay inside the house and wait for the shaking to subside. You are more likely to incur injuries if you move around. If you feel that the shaking has stopped, you have to be careful when exiting your house, making sure to avoid tall buildings and crevasses.

Healthy Food for Beautiful Skin

It has been widely accepted that beauty starts from within and your skin support this thought. Human skin is the outermost part of the body. It is also known as the largest organ which covers the entire organ system from head to toe. In addition, your skin is the best protected shield against cold, heat, and warm environmental conditions.

Beauty experts in Singapore popularized this adage that essential solution to make your skin looks beautiful is the right choice of food for the whole family. Food rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and essential nutrients keep your skin glow and beautiful. This article intends to provide practical information on the right choice of food for a healthy skin that absolutely fit in your budget, read this very quickly!


1.   Enjoy the freshness of citrus extracts. Oranges, lemons, and grapefruits etc. are prominent example of citrus. Vitamin C is known to as major component of citrus fruits. This vitamin helps rejuvenate, freshen, and moisture your skin, plus, it keeps your skin from wrinkles.

2.  Mix kiwi fruits in your salad bowl. Kiwi exudes excellent benefit for your skin.  These tangy-sweet fruit is sometimes mixed into your salads. Kiwi is packed with Vitamin C which helps maintain strengthen collagen in your skin, in effect, making it firm. A kiwi juice establishes furry and firm skin tone.

3.   Eat strawberries every day.  Strawberries contains Vitamin C which attack dryness of your skin due to aging or fight the rid of wrinkles. A piece of strawberry a day renew damage cells cause by free radicals, thus Vitamin C is also essential for dehydrated looking skin.

4.   Great effect of avocado. In tropical countries like Singapore, avocado is commonly known for its guaranteed effect for your skin. Essentially, avocado contains vitamin E which moisturizes human skin which prevents hydration process. And also, avocado is an ultimate source of biotin or Vitamin H. Biotin heals your wounds quickly.

5.   Get a slice of tomato. Tomatoes have several health benefits your skin is the best benefactors of tomato. In fact, tomatoes contain lycopene. What is lycopene then? Lycopene is a form of substance use by many as facial cleansers. For wonderful effect, slice tomato into twelve pieces then place it on your skin for about ten minutes and experience soft and natural effect of tomato.

6.   A cup of tea. Tea is an excellent source of caffeine. Most beauty experts believe that caffeine blocked or fight skin cancer. In fact, caffeine literally kills ultraviolet-damaged skins and prevents precancerous symptoms. UV primarily inhibits the rise of skin cancers or tumors.

7.   Discover effects of papaya for your skin. The most common fruits anywhere in Singapore is papaya. This fruit is also rich in Vitamin C which brings back the beauty of your skin from damage cause by UV rays. What is a UV ray? The ultraviolet rays or UV rays trigger your skin from threat of skin cancer, that’s why most papaya is one of the main ingredients for beauty cosmetics and products.

8.   Natural remedy of pomegranate. Pomegranate spells numerous effects for beautiful skin. This orange-sized fruit is filled with highest level of vitamins C, B5, A, and E, essential nutrients and minerals. Pomegranates are good as anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-microbial and possibly slower down anti-aging process which can be seen through your skin. In addition, this fruit prevents skin from acne to spots of aging, and dryness.

9.   The sweet potatoes. Potato came from a species of vegetables or root crop – and is packed with vitamins A and E plus beta-carotene. Both vitamins from sweet potato help develop glowing complexion, healthy and beautiful skin. As such, potatoes are grows in most tropical countries.

Tips on Maximizing Your Space

To date, there are about 48,200 HBD rental flats here in Singapore. By 2017, the Housing Development Board plans to increase its supply to up to 60,000 units. The estates have many advantages and disadvantages. One advantage, for example, is the cost and the peacefulness of the place. For the disadvantage part, families living in the flats noted the size; there are others that find it small.


If space is your dilemma, you can do something about it. You can either look for a flat with bigger space or simply bear living in your current flat and make the most out of it while you save for a bigger place. In order to maximize space, here are some tips you can follow:

1.   Look for multipurpose pieces. You should invest with your furniture pieces. You should look for pieces that can function in two ways that way you can save more space.

2.   Choose the right hue. Dark colours can make a room look even smaller. The trick is to look for a lighter shade because it can create a feeling of more open space. Consider light shades of yellow, cream, gray, blue, etc.

3.   Glass here and there. Glasses can trick you into believing that you have a spacious room. You can install wall to wall mirrors or you can simply add glass on open areas. It reflects light giving a spacious feel.


4.   Colour your ceilings. Light hues on your walls can already create a spacious effect, but if you give your ceilings bright colours and vibrant fixtures, it will create an illusion of height, further expanding your room.

5.   Put something big. If you have a small space, it doesn’t mean you have to put tiny things too. You should look for a prominent thing to have a spacious effect. You can consider a chair for example.

6.   Arrange your things. You should arrange your things appropriately. Clutter will make your place smaller. Since you want your place to look big, you should organize your things and avoid clutter.

Dengue Cases Continue to Rise in Singapore

Despite the efforts of the government to lessen if not eliminate dengue, it is still not enough. Reported dengue cases continue to rise here in Singapore. There are a total of eight hundred twenty dengue cases recorded at the end of June 8. This is so far the highest number to date. This is alarming. This called for NEA (National Environment Agency) and Environment and Water Resource’s immediate actions.


Last June 25, 2013, a press conference was given by the minister of Environment and Water Resources. Dr. Vivian Balakrishnan gave updates regarding the dengue situation in the country and discussed additional measures to fight the outbreak. Additional measures are in the form of:

  • Supplementary officers. NEA will employ another 300 officers to help the existing 850 officers in controlling vectors. The additional workforce will be able to double the inspection and surveillance of dengue clusters.
  • Release of new insecticide. NEA will request the permission from residents to use the new insecticide and spray it at the dark corners of the house.
  • Distribution of repellents to households and schools. From July to August this year, NEA will distribute repellents to households and schools. There is 1.2million pieces of mosquito repellent allotted for this.
  • More volunteers. The Dengue Prevention Volunteer Group will increase its members to help educate more than seven hundred thousand homes about dengue.
  • Media support. There are many informative videos posted in YouTube about dengue. The videos come in four main languages so the public, regardless of their ancestry can understand it.

NEA hopes to win the war against dengue. This can be achieved if the public continues to support their program and studies. Together, we can win the war against dengue.

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